Halloween 2007 – Review


I had no idea what to expect from this film, I have not watched any Rob Zombie’s before and I tried to not to look into this one too much. In full disclosure I did not like the original (I will be giving it a second chance at some point) so I wasn’t too stoked to watch this one but was pleasantly surprised in a few instances.

Was originally going to be another sequel entitled “Halloween: Retribution” starring Lindy Booth but the idea was scrapped and they went with Rob Zombie’s vision. -IMDB

Just like Scream the movie goes straight to the title, the wonderful Halloween font was a great way to start the film. The two things I have always liked about the series I the way the letters look and the music which is used often in the movie but never manages to get old.

Michael Myers is the glue for the series as a whole and this is by far the most convincing one. In previous movies there is not a huge amount of back story, Rob Zombie takes a different direction and it creates a great deal of controversy. In this Michael is in a white trash family, there doesn’t seem to be a single redeeming person in the whole group of them. Without giving a whole lot away, Michael shows serial killer tendencies and ends up murdering his family except for his sister and mother.

We see the boy grow up the metal institution and humanity leave him, this make him feel like a person and a monster at the same time. Before he was just a monster in a mask but with this back-story he feels more believable to me. Sadly, the first half of the film is about the only thing I actually liked about it. The rest devolves into sex and bad acting.

The film underwent re-shoots as a result of poor test screenings. These included a new escape for Michael from the hospital as well as an alternate ending. – IMDB

I find nothing appealing about the three actresses that played Laurie and her friends. Scout Taylor-Compton plays the part of Laurie Strode, I don’t know wither it was the dialog or the way she was directed but everything she did was horrid. Some of the blam can easily be the lines she spoke, they had no substance or meaning. Within a few seconds I hoped that Myers would kill so but knowing there was a sequel to this abomination I didn’t hold my breath. The other two, Danielle Harris and Kristina Klebe, are just as bad but since they were not in the spot light as much it may have just been the lines.

The hoodie Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) wears is from ‘Sheri Moon”s personal clothing line, Total Skull. – IMDB

Finally, I felt the whole movie was over sexualized and juvenile. The dialog for the entire movie was poorly done at best which all seemed to center around sex. I’m not a fan of nudity in films, more often than not it’s a sign of bad writing and a weak story arch. This movie personifies that, a lot of scenes had no substance to them on their own so they shown breasts instead. Overall I can’t recommend this to anyone; it’s just not good enough all the way through.

Grade F


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  1. […] Unlike like the other sites and reviewers, I did not see enough in this movie to bring it up to a good grade. The writing was poor, the production values weren’t that much better and the kills just were not up to par with movies in the same genre. If you had to watch a movie from 2007, go watch Dead Silence (review Here) or something… thank God though this was still better than Rob Zombie’s Halloween (review Here). […]

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