The Prophecy (1995) – Review


The Prophecy was a movie I always wanted to watch but never got the chance to. In the films I have watched I have always loved Christopher Walken, he plays a very signature style character and I love it. Even in the rundown he manages to give off the creepy vibe that is normally attributed to him.

Christopher Walken appears in 2 out of 3 sequels, he is only missing from the 2005 film The Prophecy: Forsaken.

Before I gush too much about his performance I want to mention a few other things. First the director, Gregory Widen, had only directed one full length movie title in his whole career and for his one and only outing this was pretty well done. He didn’t go out and try anything ground breaking but keeping it simple isn’t always a bad thing. Like all horror movies there is a few things that are off and doesn’t seem like they are done very well like the angels perching on random objects but it’s easy to get over. The locations used were more or less forgettable; the only one standing out was the condemned section of the school. Not really a spoiler but I do have a hard time believing that a school would allow kids or random homeless to live in that section or play there.

A few other things stand out, one scene where Walken is sitting at the chool with all of the kids around felt weird. After a couple of minutes of this there was no way that police wouldn’t have been called sooner, that may be a testament to how society has changed over the years but I highly doubt that.

The Prophecy was once known as “God’s Army”.

The acting over all is very solid, not going to blow anyone away but it’s watchable which is better than some I have watched lately. Thomas, played by Elias Koteas, did an alright job. Nothing he did really stood out as being fantastic but was far from bad. Virginia Madsen did a similar job as Katherine but I don’t think I would go out of my way to watch more films with her in it. The little girl was not good, which can be attributed to her age at the time though I have not watched much else with her in it.

The Native American aspect of the film was off, and my off I mean it was nonsense in the context of the Catholic religion. Priests have the ability to remove evil spirits and if Thomas really had any faith at all he would be able to rid the girl of the spirit by himself. There is also a belief that what they were doing is straight witchcraft and so he should have condemned them on the spot.

Gabriel used a couple of humans to help him in his mission played by Amanda Plummer and Adam Goldberg.

Over all not a bad movie by any means, but not one that will ever make into my top ten best horror films ever made. If you are a Christopher Walken fan then its worth watching but other than that I have a hard time recommending it to horror fans due to its inability to stand out in many ways.

What do you think? Is this worth watching or not?

Grade C

Grade C

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