Prom Night (2008)

In all honesty I had never watched the original Prom Night and I only watched this one out of chance. If the original is anything like this I have no interest in ever watching it… ever. This was a complete abomination of the slasher sub-genre. The story was not flushed out at all; the characters were flat and unbelievable. The killer apparently has a thing for the leading lady but not once is there any real reason for him to. In fact there is no back story at all other than the killer her entire family which greatly traumatized her. The fash back to what happened was a compelling way to start at first, but then you realize that it’s a PG-13 film so not much is really going to happen.

There is only one saving grace to this entire film and that is the acting of Brittany Snow. All of her friends were horribly 2-dementional and I actually looked forward to the time where they were dead so I wouldn’t have to hear them recite their lines. That is exactly what they seemed to do, they didn’t try to live out the role they were given but collect a paycheck. She on the other hand actually looked scared and terrified when she was supposed to.

The kills where nothing special, some of the camera angles and effects were nice but there didn’t last. After they were over it was hard not to forget about them. I’m not saying that you have to have an insane about of gore to make a good horror film but there needs to be something. Hitchcock managed to make amazing films memorable deaths and his were mainly off screen.

For the love of God don’t watch this film, there are many other movies that are great in the slasher department. Think I’m wrong? Let me know.

Grade F

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