Puppet Master (1989)

Even though this is a “B” film I really love this movie. In fact it is easily in my top 10 and that should say something considering just how many movies I have watched over the last 20 years. The premise is a bit strange, a man who once worked with a bunch of psychics is now dead and somehow the rest of the group all get visions that they must go to a hotel. It’s a bit farfetched but the real point of this film is not the actual story line but the puppets, in fact the only real selling point of the series is the puppets.

Unfortunately my favorite puppet doesn’t make an appearance in this movie but the rest of them are fantastic. Blade is the iconic killer in the series; his pale face is kind of creepy wields a hook and a scalpel instead of hands. Pinhead has super human… er… puppet strength; Tunneler has a drill bit on the top of his head, Jester who seemingly does not have any dangerous properties and finally the Leach woman who scared the crap out of e as a teenager. She has the ability to vomit leeches out of her mouth which is just plain disgusting.

The cast is mostly forgettable, some I wish were more forgettable, but a few main characters were a step above the rest. Paul Le Mat plays Alex, the reluctant hero who has visions of what the future may hold. He goes to the hotel to try to stop one of his visions which is the death of a woman. That woman is the deceased man’s wife played by Robin Frates. The only other character that really stood out was that of Irene Miracle who unfortunately has only appeared in 1 horror film since.

The kills are a little weird at times; the puppets are only a foot and a half tall so it’s hard to imagine why someone wouldn’t be able to kick them away. Even with it being so hard to dispel the fact that it’s a cheesy movie I still find it hugely enjoyable. If you want a fun horror film than this is the one you want if you are looking for gross out horror than look somewhere else.

What do you think? Watch or pass?

Grade A

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