Santa’s Slay (2005)

When I watch horror films I don’t expect to be wowed at the storyline or have an existentialism awaking, this time my expectations were even lower. The first thing that made my opinion drop right away was the horrible typography that is used on the cover; it looks just as bad as the picture of Bill Goldberg as Santa. That’s right, ex WCW and WWE superstar as well as NFL play is now Santa Claus. He actually looks better in the film than he does on the cover which is normally the opposite with these kinds of films.

The story is pretty bad; Santa lost a bet making it so he had to be good for a period of time which is now over so he is killing people. Did I forget to mention that he is actually the son of the devil? I know this is not meant to be taken serious, some films are meant to be so bad that they are good and this one still missed the mark. Instead of making a campy fun film with a behemoth of a man they ended up with a jumbled mess with horrid acting and an even worse storyline.

The acting is far from good, like most of the films that I’ve watching lately there was only one decent actor and that were Bill Goldberg. Emilie de Ravin and Douglas Smith played the main characters, this is slightly disturbing that she has been in several horror film remakes which I had planned on watching so that is a little troubling.

I rally don’t know what to say about this film, I honestly have nothing good to say about this movie. It was a huge waste of time. There are plenty of other great campy slasher films, some of which are even set during the holiday. Don’t waste your time with this nonsense and watch Gremlins or something…. anything else

Dare to tell me I’m wrong on this one? Let me know.

Grade F

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