Sand Sharks(2012)


The best way to say just how bad this movie was is to say that the heroine is Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan who got her TV career started by the horrid show chronicling their lives. Her role in the film is the scientist which is even worse, it’s bad enough watching her try to act but now she is suppose to be really intelligent and its unbearable. AT several points she says something to the effect of “I’ll need to check the DNA and stuff.” AND STUFF? What kind of stuff? Not only was she horrible at acting the part but the writing for the part was just as bad.

Normally I like to start with the premise of the movie but I had to get that out of my system. If the cover doesn’t do a good enough of a job letting you knows I’ll spell it out, there are sharks that can live in the sand. I know sometimes you have to suspend your disbelief but it was impossible for this movie. SHARKS CANT LIVE IN SAND! Physicals are thrown completely out the window. None of this is explained, I did read somewhere that they had apparently been released from an earthquake or something but that is never shown in the film. A lot of things were never explained and I won’t go into detail about them simply because I can’t, they were mentioned and never thought about again. Not that further details would have made this a good movie but it would have been nice if they thought far enough ahead to fill out the characters.

The rest of the actors were horrible as well. Eric Woods plays the local sheriff and they seem to try to steal the character from Jaws and added a dose of idiocy to the part. He looked like he was lost the entire film which doesn’t look good for him since on IMDB this movie was featured as something he was known for. Corin Nemec plays the role of Jimmy, the only other character worth trying to remember and even though there are times were his character is enjoyable they are few and far between. Its hard to really cheer for a guy who is the biggest douche bag ever.

One person online said this movie was like a cross between Jaws and Tremors but if that was the case this should mean that this film should be good. I’m actually adding the trailer though I dot know why anyone would want to watch this.

Think I’m wrong?

Grade: D

Grade: D

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