Evil Remains / Trespassing

I can’t tell if I like the title of this film or absolutely hate it, not the best start to this movie but it is what it is. The premise is this guy doesn’t believe in the legends about this haunted property, that’s right it not just the house but the entire property, so he goes to prove it by taking a bunch of his friends with him to check it out. Apparently it’s for his school thesis but for what I don’t know. I may have glazed over some of the details due to it not being very compelling. None of the characters are compelling but I’m getting ahead of myself a little.

The first thing I want to mention is that I’m watching this film on Netflix under the name Evil Remains; under IMDB it’s titled Trespassing. Titles are important especially in marketing. They couldn’t even decide on the film title enough to make sure that IMDB and Netflix called it the same freaking thing.

The first scenes are of a father and mother arguing after he had apparently hit his kid. Next thing you know the sadist death scenes occur, the father getting killed with trimming sheers while the mother is burned alive. Neither is believable and the acting is abysmal. Since this plays the role of a haunted slasher film the kills are very important and the fact that they screwed the first couple up does not raise my expectations any. In case you are wondering, they don’t get any better as the movie goes on.

Then we jump forward to the cast that we will be stuck with for the rest of the film. They are bad, really bad. They are better than Brooke Hogan but not that much better. This could just be the dialog but I don’t believe so, the only name I recognize is Estella Warren who is better known for her modeling than her acting abilities. If you search for her on IMDB you’ll see that her films she is best known for is Kangaroo Jack and the Planet of the Apes remake. Her character is supposedly a lesbian but that relationship is the most unbelievable relationship in the entire movie. If you are going to make on of your main characters homosexual than make sure that you cast her with someone who actually has good chemistry with her. I saw somewhere that one person liked it because it wasn’t a exploitative relationship for male viewers but there are ways to show affection that isn’t smut but this film doesn’t even try.

Overall this one is bad enough to just be bland, not so bad-its-good or bad-its-funny it’s just kind of there and not all that worth watching. The ending was bad, really bad and the music that they used during the end scenes made it even worse. Disagree? Let me know.

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