Puppet Master 2 (1991)

This review is rather hard for me to write. I love the first movie a lot, I love the design of the puppets (expect for the retro puppets and some of the later films) and I even have the theme song as one of my ringtones. The first movie is fantastic, this one starts confusing the storyline.

Puppet Master 2 takes place after the end of the first one. The hotel is now being looked at by paranormal researchers. Like the first film chaos breaks out when people are starting to be killed by the puppets. Toulan makes more than just a cameo in this movie, if you haven’t looked into the films at all he was the one who created the puppets in the first place and died in the first film.  My biggest issue with this movie is the story has some hiccups in it that makes it far from ok. If you don’t want any kind of spoilers please don’t read the next paragraph.


One of the puppets dies in the movie, who later is explained (movie three I do believe) to be a very important person to Toulan. In this film the main goal is to bring a certain person, who Toulan believes is one of the researchers… who’s soul is in the puppet that died.  This makes no sense, the end of the film makes even less considering what happens. I’m trying not to give away too much and its hard to not rant on the plot holes.

The acting isn’t bad for the most part, some stands out as being good while others is simply annoying.  The main actress, Elizabeth Maclellan, does a great job. The saddest part about her involvement is that this movie was her last. She also played Jennifer Carpenter in Friday the 13th for those horror fans out there.  There were only two other actors that stood out in the film but not for being amazing. Nita Talbot plays a crazy physic who is simply more irritating that anything else. The other one is Steve Welles who simple is one of the worst Toulan’s ever. There is a few who sport the name, some are descents who I’m counting in this list and he is the second worst.

If you want to experience what I love about the series, enjoy the kills by the puppets and not the “deep” story lines. By the way  some of the kills are fun in their own little ways, Torch is a nice addition to the puppets. The following trailer does a good job at spoiling a few things just so you know (good job Full Moon)

Again let me know what you think.

Grade B

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