Halloween 2 (2009)

If you hadn’t seen the review I did for the first Rob Zombie Halloween film you can find it here, I would recommend reading it first so you know my feelings coming into the sequel. I was not a big fan of the original Halloween movie despite its legendary status, I liked a few things about the remake but I can’t honestly recommend it to people and I can’t say I would recommend this other ether.

The film starts with this definition saying “WHITE HORSE – linked to instinct, purity and the drive of the physical body to release powerful and emotional forces, like rage with ensuing chaos and destruction.” This is apparently an excerpt from “The subconscious Psychosis of Dreams” and I do say apparently because I haven’t bothered looking into it.  One of the first things I liked about the last movie was going straight into the title screen so not to break up the story but Zombie forgoes this in the sequel. The first real disappointment is the fact that they had to replace the actor that plays young Micheal, that’s right we are right back looking into the mind of a child although the writing makes nearly every character unlikeable and this is no exception. In fact it ends up making me dislike the mother even more which is sad because she ends up being a bigger part of this movie even though she is dead.

From there we go right to where the last movie left off, Laurie is walking down the road covered in blood and injuries. The original series does the same thing if I am remembering right which is a nice nod to the history of the series which is also the last time we get that from this film so don’t expect any more.

The music in the movie is forgettable until they use the original score, the theme music that everyone knows at this point, but that doesn’t come out until the end which is very disappointing. The characters are actually worse in this movie with one singular exception as far as I am concerned. Scout Taylor-Compton is now on my list as one of the worse scream queens ever. In interviews she said she was tryingto be deeper with the character in the sequel but in reality she is annoying and I wished to see her get the snot beat out of her like she did in the previous movie. Her character hasn’t changed a bit other than adding a “woe is me” attitude despite the fact that one of her friends survived the attacks as well. That girl is just as screwed up physically but she is actually dealing with it like a person would but Zombie apparently doesn’t care about psychology at all. I even found the job Tyler Mane did as Michael was passable but nothing special like the last movie. The biggest surprise is the acting of Danielle Harris, apparently it was the lines she was given in the last film because she was way better this timearound. In fact she seemed to be the only character to grow after what had happened in the first one.

The “art style”, which included a lot of white imagery, seemed to be an attempt to bring the movie out of the pit that it actually is. Simply put this film is trash just like the first one and its own attempt to rise above its station is a sad attempt to make a film worth watching.  Think I’m wrong, and your nuts if you do, let me know.

Grade F

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