A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

Nightmare 2 poster

One thing I want movies to do is push the boundaries. A storyline that is more engaging than the standard horror flick, fresh ideas that take a standard killer into something amazing or even having an unlikely hero instead of the big breasted bimbo that we normally have as the final girl. Sadly while I believe that the first movie managed to do this the sequel does something that I think is rather sad and poorly done.

First thing though, this flm is about how Freddy wants to back back into our world through our main character Jesse who is played by Mark Patton. Patton, I feel anywas did a horrible job in this movie. The acting drove me nuts; his screams after waking up from nightmares were the only thing that rivaled the horrid storyline. Patton only have 13 or so credits in IMDB which for how bad he was surprised me to I looked into it a little further and found that in his 2 movies into the horror genre was this film and a special thanks in Freddy vs. Jason; he wasn’t even in the freaking movie.  Robert Englund plays the role of Freddy and I like Englund as a actor and not just in the Freddy role but his role in this film was bad from the start. The actor that I felt did a great job, besides Englund, was Kim Myers who played Lisa Webber the “love interest” and yes those quotes are there for a reason which I will now get to.

This film wants to be homosexual, I know that some people will take that wrong but it’s the truth. While the characters were written by Wes Craven the actual story was done by David Chaskin. In interviews David Chaskin admitted to purposely putting in a lot of homosexual undertones which the cast and director didn’t figure out until the film was released (which I find hard t believe considering Patton is gay). The issue I have with this was that they didn’t go all the way with it. In 1985 having a gay main character in a horror film would have been huge and would have pushed the boundaries of the time. Sure it would have been crucified for doing it but if you’re going to do it with undertones than you might have well just done it.

With that, if you want to make it so the main character has some questionable sexuality why would you waste what Kim Myers brings to the table? She did a good job in her role considering how badly it was written, she is a very pretty woman but she ends feeling like an afterthought when the only thing I can’t think about while watching this was that the main character was obviously a gay man who was in denial. In a movie franchise where it seems to pride itself on creative kills and a villain who has a sense of humor it just boggles my mind how they could botch thing so badly with this movie.

By the way, the trailer sucks and so does the poster… just saying.

Grade F

For the love of God do not watch this one, I’ll still have feedback in case you think I’m wrong but if you do just realize I will be laughing at your tastes in films. If you actually like this than your tastes in movie is worse than mine.


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