Hellraiser 2: Hellbound (1988)


One thing about horror movies that scare me is the potential for a good movie to be followed up by a bad sequel. The first Hellraiser is one of my favorite films as far as tone, feel and visual athletics so I had a little hesitation the first time I watched this movie. Thankfully, I was worried for no reason at all because also really like this movie. I wouldn’t say, for me anyway, that it is better than the original but it is a great complementary piece.

The story takes place after the first one, Kirsty has landed in a mental institution after the death of her family and talking about the cenobites hasn’t helped matters much either. As luck would have it she ended up in the only place where the main doctor is obsessed with the Lemarchand’s box and actually appears to have several of them in his office as well as lot of paperwork on the subject which ends up being one of my complains about the film. How does Dr. Channard have a picture of Pinhead when he was a human? Considering he was a Nazi that kind of information may be pretty hard to get a hold of considering most of the word doesn’t know anything about the puzzle box. Anyways, the Dr. gets another patient to solve the box and most of the film from there takes place in the realm where the Cenobites actually dwell.

Ashley Laurence repraises her role as Kristy and again I feel like she does a good job again. She spends most of the first film being the scarred little girl which changes at the end. This time around she keeps the fighting spirit and it was nice to see that she didn’t completely revert after her experience. Not to say that she is going toe to toe with the Cenobites but she also isn’t the only one they are dealing with. Imogen Boorman plays the role of Tiffany who is the patient who opens the box for Channard. She doesn’t talk for most of the film and she tries her hardest to portray any emotion and feeling through her facial expressions so its easy to figure out what is going on with her. My only complaint about her is that she just seems a little weird looking in the film… like she almost doesn’t belong in there for some reason but that is most likely just me. Doug Bradley plays Pinhead and is fantastic as always, Clair Higgins is back here as well and she is legitimately creepy but I don’t think that has anything to do with her character. Kenneth Cranham plays the role of Channard and he is alright, just like the rest of the cast he was alright. William Hope is also in this one but its just not the best fit for him.

It’s a great movie, the first is better but it is still worth watching.

Grade A

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