A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child (1989)


So I complained about how the films started moving in more of a comedic fashion but before I get too far into the review I just want to state what could be wrong if moved in the opposite direction. The first being that if they just suddenly dropped into content that it really has no place in touching…like this film does. Subjects such as abortion and teen pregnancy are not something I want in my Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Oh, and issues like drinking and driving is another one of those subjects that seems just a little dumb.

For people like me, or so it seems, they decide to go a less funny rout and they got bashed hard for it. Critics seemed to like pointing that out, the fact that this one wasn’t funny and they hated on it for that point. I often don’t agree with critics, I like the fact that they went with a less funny of a film but they decided to tackle some really lame subject matter when it comes to movies. All I want is the Freddy Kruger that is actually scary. I don’t mind a few jokes but having but some of them were way over the top in the last few films. A middle ground would be great.

The best way to sum up the plot of the movie is Alice survived and starts having visions where she sees Amanda Kruger (Freddy’s mother) be raped (implied but still not something i like in my horror movies) and give birth. This ends up giving Freddy his power back. Essentially its Alice’s unborn child that is dreaming and giving Freddy his ability to kill and now this time around she has a new set of friends to be killed by Freddy. We have Greta (Erika Anderson) the aspiring supermodel who has eating disorders, Mark (Joe Seely) who is obsessed with comic books and Yvonne (Kelly Jo Minter)who is into swimming. It should be easy to see where they are going with the deaths here. AT some point Alice meets her unborn son which is a little weird… alright more than a little weird but it is what it is. On top of that he seems to be able to pull others into his dreams which is important to the movie but dumb anyway.

One kill I thought was good was one of the first where Freddy starts to combine both one of the teens and the motorcycle he was riding. It was creative and looked fairly good for the time it was made. The next kill was something that is messed up, Freddy made Greta actually eat herself. So far the kills were gruesome (ish) and not comical which was what I was looking for so a comic kill is due and it actually fits so I’m alright with it. Mark discovers that he may have some dream powers as well and he decides to take on Freddy. When he dies he is cut to ribbons as he was turned into a paper character. With his character being obsessed with comics it makes sense, good for the writers to do something that works instead of the stupid video game kill in one of the previous films.

Freddy played by Robert Englund is again great in the role; as much as I can’t stand what they do to his character he still does a great job regardless. Both Lisa Wilcox (Alice) and Whit Hertford (Jacob) did a pretty good job while most of the others were alright. Even though the cast did a good job I still can’t say this was a great movie. Even Robert Englund says that this is his least favorite which says something.

Grade: D

Grade: D

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