Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)


By now I’m sure you have noticed a trend in the movies I have been reviewing lately, I have been a marathon of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th films. Now I’m up to “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” which was the 1991 release and the final one in the series though time would prove otherwise. This was one if not the first of New Line Cinema’s films to be done in 3D, as much as I hate that technology to this day it is nice to see that they were still willing to take a risk on the horror genre.

Since this is the follow up to the storyline starting at Dream Warriors through Dream Master and into Dream Child people kind of expected another film where Alice Johnson would face down Freddy after he mangled another crop of her friends but this proved not to be the case. Instead she isn’t really part of the storyline at all, her and her son have fled Springwood and out of reach of the nightmare killer. This film starts out with a unnamed character, who ends with the moniker of John Doe and he is being haunted by Freddy and is actually thrown out of Springwood and told to “go fetch”. He ends up in a shelter that houses a bunch of teens with issues similar to Dream Warriors in a sense. He ends up returning to the town and shows that there are no children left in the town.

The main characters in the movie were John Doe played by Shon Greenblatt who does a fairly good job at playing a nobody,(that may sound a little mean but that’s what the character was) Lisa Zane who plays Maggie who ends up being originally named Katherine Krueger, Breckin Meyer as Spencer, Lezlie Deane and Tracy, Ricky Dead Logan as Carlos and Yaphet Kotto as Doc. They all did good job with what they had and good for them. Several of previous films had some very lame acting and the storyline expected would have been horrible with these actors. That clean slate helped more than hurt in my opinion.

Now to what people actually care about in these films and that are the kills. I wish that more cared about the storyline and plot issues but in reality people seem to be entertained by how insane the kills are so here we go. One that is fairly well is the one using the hearing aid. Freddy manipulates it so that the volume in increased to extreme levels. First it involves pin drops and then Freddy kills the kid by scratching his claws on a chalk board which causes his head to explode. Another is by far the worst kill in a Freddy movie and that is the video game kill, having the sound effects and the motions of a really bad game made it almost unbearable to watch. The Hearing Device wasn’t the best kill ever but it was way better than this horrible ideas. Lately the major plot twist killing in which John Doe died. He ends up falling from the after Freddy cuts his parachute and lands on a bed of spikes in the dream world. It looks good and sets up the 3rd act of the movie. The final fight was done alright between father and daughter the way it should be and even though the 3d effect at the end was abysmal it did what it needed to.

Over all it was the “last” Nightmare movie in the cannon series and it did what it needed to do. What else was left? It wasn’t the shinning point in horror that all movies should try to be but it was decent enough. I watched this movie as a early teen and loved it, even though it doesn’t hold up as well as my memory it could have been a lot worse.

Grade C

Grade C

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