Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)


Even though the ast Nightmare on Elm Street movie I reviewed claimed to be the last it only took a few years before they decided that it needed another on. This one it not considered to be cannon for a couple of reasons. The first being that it technically is not Freddy but an Evl spirit that was so used to being Freddy that it kept the look and attitude of the nightmare killer. Another ne is that it is set in our world, not in the factual place the rest of the movies are in. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, why they would change so much you’re not alone in that view.


This film is meant to be meta which makes it a very different film, one that isn’t normally seen in horror. Several of the actors/actresses actual play themselves including Wes Craven, Robert Englund (he also plays Freddy), John Saxon and Marianne Maddalena. That last name my not mean much to people but not only is she a big producer but she has produced several big name horror films. She has credits on all four Scream Films, The remake of the Hills and Eyes and it’s Sequel, The Last House on the Left as well as many others.


There is a lot goin on with this movie, the first being that Heather Langenkamp is both being harassed by phone calls and nightmares that deal with Freddy. After her husband dies in a car accent, things get ramped up rather fast. Her son starts have nightmares and all sorts of nocturnal issues all involving Freddy although he hasn’t been allowed to watch ay of the films. There is a plot point that says the only way Heather can defeat Freddy this time around is to become Nancy Thompson.


The kills in this movie were great. The claw kills in the car hit all the right notes and was a great way to start off the killing. The one after that though was the shinning gem as far as I’m concerned. It’s a throwback to the first movie and that is a woman being dragged across the ceiling while being butchered. The thing that makes it more brutal that instead of it happening in front of a boyfriend it happens in front of a little kid. There were more deaths but they actually took place in a dream so it’s unclear how the other two died in the real world but still that last one made the movie for me.




This was not the big money earner that they had hoped for (it was the lowest grossing film in the entire series) but it received a lot of very positive reviews by professional reviewers but for fans it has become a very polarizing film. I personally love the direction that they took and wished for a similar tone had been used in previous films.

Grade B


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