Hellraiser 3 Hell on Earth (1992)


I loved the first Hellraiser movie; I dare to even say it is one of my favorite movies of all time. Clive Barker is a genius when it comes to writing horror (I haven’t read any of his other works though I’m very excited to do so one day soon) And Pinhead being one my favorite creations of his though Mr. B and the Yatering are fairly close.  This being said this is the third in the series and if history tells us anything the longer a series goes on the worse they are going to get. For evidence I submit Friday the 13th The Final Chapter as evidence of this. This doesn’t mean that this movie is a mess like the previously mentioned film its just that the trend isn’t good.

This movie picks up after the end of #2, Pinhead was trapped in pillar on earth. Somehow the wooden monstrosity turned into a marble one that wasn’t nearly as intimidating as the wooden one which is a shame.  Anyways, there is this douche bag named J.P. (played by Kevin Bernhardt) who owns this nightclub called the boiler room and buys the pillar to add to the look of the club though it pretty much just resides in his bedroom which is kind of messed up.  Joey (Terry Farrell) finds a body that got messed up at the boiler room while doing a news story in a hospital. The guy is covered in chains and hooks which by now we all know is a trademark of the series. Basically it ends up being what would happen if Pinhead was able to come and stay in our world where he could ignore all the rules of the cenobites and somehow make some of his own. The premise of the film follows the continuity of the previous two but I still feel like it violates the ethos a little bit. I liked the fact that the cenobites were bound to their rules and after we saw Levitation part of me was hoping that we would see more of that in the storyline but as far as I have watched (only one I haven’t seen is the very last one) we don’t see anything from that realm really again.

The cenobites in this movie are subpar. There is no other way to look at it, Pinhead of course is awesome looking but he is the only one. Dreamer is by far one of the worse looking ones in the entire series…I take that back. All of the new ones are horrible and thank God that we never see these horrible things ever again because they are garbage. Dream… can pull the cigarette out of her throat and burn people with it I guess. Pistonhead has a piston in his head which is also the ill fated J.P. but I don’t think anyone cared about him. Camera head can somehow cause explosions which last time I knew they had no powers like that in the older movies. Barbie can burn things and CD can throw cds… both of which are lame. They got rid of butterball, female and the chatterer for this crap?

The storyline pretty much a randomly stitched together mess, that’s what happens when you have a writer like Clive freaking Barker as a Executive Producer instead of the main writer. What could have been a great movie turned into fan far and that was all, even a good portion of those fans felt a little jaded after seeing this. Sadly I know people who think that this movie is somehow one of the better ones.


It actually pains me a little to not love this movie considering how much I love Hellraiser and The Hellbound Heart but it is what it is I guess. In fact it could have been worse, the acting was alright at least.

Grade: D

Grade: D

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  1. While this one was awful, number four was good fun. Haven’t seen 5-2,000 (or whatever they are up to) yet.

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