Hellraiser Inferno (2000)


This was not written as a Hellraiser film so my first instinct is to expect the worst. Normally these kind of things are written in a way so they are based on the franchise as a cash grab but in this case they felt that it would be a stronger movie to through in some cenobites…

Super off putting right from the start.

A crooked cop who has more than just one vice is the main character of this one. Bloodline also had a male lead but I honestly miss the days of Kirsty but that doesn’t really matter. The guy is into cheating on his wife, coke and covering things up even though he is suppose to be upholding the law… not a great start for the guy. It isn’t long before he goes to a crime scene where we see the dreaded puzzle box. Even at this crime scene me manages to steal some drugs from the deceased. The whole scene is kind of screwed up with the body just ripped apart but they don’t go into too much detail which is not what the series is known for.

It’s hard to feel bad for the guy considering he is such a scumbag but then again I don’t think that is the point of the film. Normally I would complain about that and I’m sure that those who read this may be a little surprised but here I feel like it works. There is this desire to figure out exactly what is going on because this isn’t the usually cenobite MO but there is also a desire to watch this guy suffer over and over throughout the movie. The twist at the end was good, for once the end of a horror film didn’t outright disgust me with how bad the writing is.

The cenobites in this one are out there. There is one sexual scene where the wire sisters are coming on to him and that is just freaking gross. They shove their hands under his skin and run his chest down before bringing them out and rubbing his blood on his chest. The chatterer makes an appearance in this one in the form of Torso (a cenobite with no lower body) and Pinhead of course. The whole first run in with them appears to be a dream and from there we are trying figure out exactly what is going on. It really kicks off after the first murder which is the hooker he was with the night before (great guy huh?), she calls him at work freaking out. He heads over to the motel and the rest of the movie is fairly straight forward.

The acting is pretty solid, Craig Sheffer does a great job playing a dirty cop. His mannerisms and delivery really makes the movie. Nicholas Turturro is his partner; his character is a little dense and is a foil to Sheffer. Doug Bradley replays his role as Pinhead and like always he does a great job in that role. It simply isn’t a Hellraiser film without him (the last installment they tried). The rest of the caste doesn’t do much in the film but they should be recognized.


Overall I actually liked this one and i have watched it several times now with no new complaints.

Grade A

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