Storage 24 (2013)

storage 24

Monster movies/Creature Features, the abused child in the horror genre. More often than not it’s just a quick cash grab or even done in the attempt to make a bad movie which is something I’ll never understand. What little I know about this film is that it actually trie to get back t the hay-day of the sub genre, I won’t be holding my breath but I can already guarantee that I have seen worse.


Just like the name implies a good portion of the film takes place inside a storage warehouse, the opening credits show differing camera views inside the building which is boring as jank but at least it keeps up with the theme. It doesn’t take long for the “incident” to start making it so people are stuck inside of the building. It’s nice to have a movie get straight to the point without any dramatic nonsense thrown into where it doesn’t belong. Sadly it isn’t until shortly after they add in Charley is one of those dramatic types and instantly prattles on and on about his girlfriend leaving him and doesn’t even care that a “plane has crashed”, just about the fact she dumped him. How about you’re a self centered prick? We meet a couple people who work for the storage as well as Charley’s ex who isn’t exactly a looker.


The deaths in the beginning leave a lot to the imagination which is something I like. Not everything needs to be this gory bloodbath ad since the power is out in the building it makes sense that not much is seen. It only takes a few people dying before they start showing more and more of the monster. For me the hand was enough for me… to stop caring about the monster. It wasn’t that it was too much or that it was bad but it felt too much like the creature from Alien. At first glance it was the same looking thing except it was a model grey in tone instead of black. Sadly they do show way too much of the alien way too soon and its done in a combination of practical effects and CG… its easy to figure out which one is which though.


The movie tries to use jump scares instead of actually setting a good atmosphere which isn’t all that surprising now a days, there wasn’t much that was scary period to be honest. They also tried to have some comedy or at least some lighter points in the film and it didn’t come off very well. It’s not the fact that it was British humor because I typically like it, this movie was just simply not scary or funny, It was just kind of there which is a shame.



Overall if you are a fan of creature features and you are sick of the ones on SyFy then give this one a shot but if this could be yr first in the genre go watch Jaws or Alien to see what a good one actually is.

Grade: D

Grade: D



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