Hatchet (2006)


One way to make me excited about a movie is to start out with Robert Englund, shows how versatile the man is. I get excited about it every time I see him in a film, even in films like lack Swarm I look forward to watching him. This sadly leads us to the first two deaths. One is just a body found on the ground but the guts are laying out everywhere while the other is way over the top, body parts being pulled off and out of the guy with ease.

The film takes place during Marti Gra, and thank God one of the guys named Ben (Joel David Moore) we meet makes the comment “haven’t you seen enough boobs?” and leaves to go somewhere else while his friends do the party thing. He wants to do a haunted tour in the swamp so he heads out to the guy who happens also to the TONY FREAKING TODD. This movie has a who’s who of horror films.  Kane Hodder plays both Victor and his father in the flashbacks. Victor himself as an adult is rather weird looking, I know he is suppose to be deformed but he just looks a little too funny for me, Jason and Freddy were deformed but they looks intimidating while victor looks like he belongs in a zoo. It dose look like they are trying to make Victor the next Slasher icon.

The plot is fairly straight forward, Ben and his friend Marcus (Deon Richmond), a bunch of other people including Marybeth (Tamara Feldman) who is looking for her brother and father who went missing and sadly we watched them die as well, get stranded in the swamp when the tour boat sinks and now have to survive the night with Crowley chasing them. They do have a small back-story for the killer but there really isn’t much to tell.

Not going to lie I am not a fan of all the nudity which you should know by now if you read the site. I understand that there is going to be some considering the setting but I have to agree with Ben I have seen enough boobs. I know a lot of people enjoy that in their horror movies but I’d like to believe some day the maturity level will incase to the point that people will realize that most movies do that to keep your interest because they have nothing else.

The gore is just as over the top, to the point where it’s kind of ridicules. Blood splatters everywhere and they seem to like having shots of it hitting trees.  There is one kill that was fairly original where he starts off using a belt sander on her face and finishes by impaling her. There a dismemberment and decapitation by shovel as well as a bunch of other things that makes lands it squarely in the slasher sub genre.

The acting was pretty on, the two girls who are the most annoying where meant to be, not a fan of those kinds of characters but I know plenty of dumb people in real life so it should be expected to be found in my movies. To my knowledge I haven’t seen that many films with Joel David Moore but I really liked him in this. Tamara was fairly good in her role, she ends up getting replaced in the sequels With Danielle Harris which is fine by me because I liked her in other movies.


Overall I liked it, not because it was a master piece or a must see but it scratched my slasher itch.

Grade B


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