Hatchet 2 (2010)


This movie starts things out with a bang, and by bang I mean lots of screaming and struggling. Where the first movie leaves off this one picks right off from the previous one. Like I said in the last film Marybeth was replaced with Danielle Harris but I think she’s pretty good in these kinds of roles so I’m alright with that.

Unfortunately she ends pulled out of the swamp by a local who ends up throwing her out of the house when he learns the her last name, tell her that if she wants to learn why he was throwing her out to talk to the Reverend Zombie (Yay Tony Todd). After a lengthily explanation, apparently it was Marybeth’s father who set the Crowley’s house on fire, a group of men are called together to go hunt him down. When that happened I instantly got the feeling like they were going from “Alien” to “Aliens” but it stays away from it being a shootout. The “twist” at the end wasn’t much of a twist, they let you know what’s going on fairly early in the film so you end up wanting to yell at Marybeth the whole time.

The flashback scenes were done well, the effects on the camera gives off this slight edge and Kane Hodder does a great job playing the role of Thomas Crowely. Just shows the once stunt man is actually a much underappreciated actor. Not the monster that he plays (people love him as Jason) but as an actual actor. I personally believe that Tony Todd is in the same boat, a lot of people have no clue who he is when I bring his name up and that is a shame.

There are some things about the film that I don’t like but there is plenty of things that made it worth watching. The main character wants revenge; it makes sense that she doesn’t want her family to continue to stay out there in the shed. If I was her would I go back in there myself? Heck no but people can be a little reckless. The kills were pretty good, hats really the reason most people watch films like this anyways, and of course we got the blood splatter on the tree like the first one. Even the belt sander came back into play in this movie though I would say that overall it is way tamer than the first.

Unfortunately there is a lot of nudity again in this film; they find the pervert from the last film’s camera. It wasn’t needed at all in fact it was kind of dumb. There are also a lot of complaints about Danielle Harris and her eyebrow; some have said that her eyebrow ruined the film for them. She does have a little of the “People’s eyebrow” going on and apparently its something that she was actually self conscience about it but there is no way that it makes the movie unwatchable. People now look for reasons to trash horror movies and we don’t need fans to hate on them for crappy reasons in it for you.


If you liked the first one then you will most likely like this one. Over the top, gory….it has Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris. It’s a modern slasher flick with the feeling of something that came out twenty years ago in the heyday of the sub genre. Browney points for the practical effects as well.

Grade A

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