13 Eerie (2013)


While doing research on modern scream queens I found this movie. Katharine Isabelle found notable horror fame while making the ginger snap films but I had no clue this movie was coming out. That may show just how far under a rock I’m living so I jumped at the chance to watch it.


Agroup of students applying for some sort of application are being brought out to an abandoned prison complex to do a murder mystery type of thing, corpses have been put out in the area with and teams of two have to figure out the specifics of their deaths. There are also two other people on in the camp, the man in charge played by Michael Shanks and the guy who is forced to deal with everything else including cooking and driving played by Nick Moran. Shanks character is the typical authority character that constantly overlooks the signs that something is very wrong, like the presence of another copse that is seen moving by someone. Apparently the prison inmates were used for some experiments which make this movie a zombie film.


The gore is fairly tame in this movie, there is some but it keeps it fairly limited. I kind of wish there was more, this is a zombie film after all but not everything has to be on the same level as a Clive Barker film. Some of the deaths were satisfying while others made me wishing they were done off screen so it would leave more for your brain to figure out (see what I did there? Brain?).


The camera angles and over all style of the movie makes me thing of the 1980 films, the biggest difference is being the lack of immediate nudity in the film which is nice but there is also an immediate lack of action in the first third of the film. It’s not that it is boring; I used to make a habit out of watching court tv shows so I was into the science aspect of what they were doing. I feel some of the things they are doing with this movie is very good, the people feel fairly close to real people with a few exceptions. Katharine Isabelle is as good in her role as she always is. There is a few characters that respond in the way they should have, one guy wants to just get the heck out of there.


Like I said, some of the things they got right, not everything though. The first zombie was pretty bad looking, and the first attack was equally bad set up. The girl managed to get stuck in braches, why didn’t she just run back to her partner on the path she was on? The “tattooed” zombie looked equally as bad while one of the students to come back was easily better.  It was just real hit or miss as far as the makeup goes which is sad because that is a major part of the zombie movie experience.


Now the saddest part of the film is the real lack of focus when it came to the acting. Moran was good and his character was great, it seemed a little strange that Megan (Katharine Isabelle) was so freaking vicious when it came to the hand to hand combat with the zombies. Freaking Brendan Fletcher is in the movie and they really didn’t do enough with him and he’s pretty good when it comes to certain roles.




This is a starter zombie movie, so people who may not want to deal with the level of gore that most of them have. It should have been better but it simply wasn’t. IF you have to watch every zombie movie you can find then you would do a heck of a lot worse and Katharine Isabelle dose fine as well so if you’re a fan go for it.

Grade: D

Grade: D



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