Slasher House 2012


*This is an indy film, made with only 5,00 pounds which is slightly less than $8,000

This is a movie that I had yet again, heard nothing about. The beginning of the movie is actually pretty striking; music gives this dark tone that I feel most movies are missing in this modern age. All too often they rely on bands that are good but do little to set the mood. It also start off with interesting lighting choices, making it so that the female (Eleanor James) in the room (nude but doing its best to be tasteful) to have a green tint to her skin and makes her red hair pop. From an artist perspective it’s very nicely done. Soon the door to her cell is opened and she leaves wearing a dress that was left for her, no indication of what she is suppose to be doing of what is going on. She finds an icepick on off she goes.

When she runs into another person locked in a cell we learn that she actually has no memories of who she is while the guy she meets named Nathan (Adam Williams) is a complete D-bag. Thankfully we see some other people who are stranded in there. We do have some flash back scenes, all prefaced with a titleon who they are and why they are in the “Slasher House”. All of them seem to be serial kills. The first one we see is Cleaver, a killer clown that prays on a little girl from is Icream truck. Carlie Corben seems to abduct people and drill or cut into their heads for some reason that I don’t think was explained at all. My favorite one is this dude named Thorn who is apparently super strong because e can just rip the steel doors ffof their hinges. He has this mask on and wields these large cleaver/sword things… he is like this films Jason or Pyramidhead. Te part Ilike most about him is that he seems to get his power fromsome mask that he puts on, e goes from being a weakling to that powerhouse. The last one is simply called the Devil but telling you about him would be spoilers and I don’t want to do that considering this is not an old movie.

Some of the dialog seems a little forced, Nathan seems like the dumbest character. Since there was no budget for this film te gore is fairly weak, one scene has a hand cutoff and it looks super fake but like I said with less than $8,000 total cost I can’t really complain. Another thing I don’t like is the line “I’m not going anywhere “ is said way too often, I know its suppose to be a inside joke between Nathan and Red(the girl from before) but it rang hallow the first time so by the fourth or fifth time I had enough. The end was kind of weak but that seems to be the norm now for horror films.

What this movie does do right, the biggest thing for me with the look and the sound. Writer/director Mj Dixon went with a little more of an artistic approach and I think the movie over all looks great, Ilove the lighting for the movie, the flash backs go to a natural light but with a high contrast look so it sticks out compared to the green tint. I have a rather complex form of colorblindness and so the color just resonates with me. Some people have reviewed this online and they said that the movie is rather predictable, there are a few things that you can see coming but there is enough surprises that I am totally fine with that.

This is the first real horror indy film I’ve watched and I actually enjoyed the movie… it was just different enough for me. It would have ranked higher except for the ending…

Grade B

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