Hatchet 3 (2013)


IF you haven’t read my Hatchet 2 review I was pretty high on that movie and I have been very excited about the third. They continue the movies right after the last one ended so it was like this episodic show that I just couldn’t wait for the next season to start. At the end of the second movie we have Marybeth (Danielle Harris) shooting Crowley in the face and it’s exactly where we start, her leaving the property and walking out of the swamp.


The first thing I really want to talk about is how much I love the fact that they used no CG on Crowley (Kane Hodder) and that the man actually had to wear 50 pounds of makeup and prosthetics. There is a ton of other actors who could have done the part but I doubt any would have gone through that. This also had a lot of filming on location so that mean hot humid heat and with all that weight… that man deserves an award just for that.


So Marybeth gets back to town and she goes right to the police station claiming she killed Crowley, not something I would have done but to each their own. She did try to go the voodoo rout in part 2 and in part 1 was just some bullets so why not. The first thing they do is tackle her to the ground, take the gun and the sculpt of Victor Crowley and throw her in the shower to hose the blood off of her. Now she is naked but doesn’t reveal anything so in this film they are actually showing some restraint which they had none of in the first two movies. The sheriff’s department finds the bodies from the last film and off we go. Addition to what I expected from the trailer there is this very annoying news reporter (Amanda played by Caroline Williams) who is obsessed with the Victor Crowley story.


Can’t stand that woman, I know Adam Green (director of the first two and writer of all three) made her be annoying but I wanted nothing more than to see her die quick. It’s too bad she’s important to the story line.


The first kill (other than Victor) is very quick and bloody with the use of defibulator paddles and the second one is with the axe. Both of these are bloody and to the point, the thing I like about these films and the slasher genre. There is no need to have any crazy set up just violent deaths. The first two were known for the overly bloody death scenes and this movie does not disappoint. If you like over the top gore then this is a good film to see. When Victor really gets going it gets kind of comical, the level of violence and blood is so far over the top its hard not to laugh… something I failed at because I laughed out loud.


I will still say the Harris I the better choice for Marybeth, she took over the role in par two. I wish that they had her in the first movie because I hate it when they have to change acts and actresses. Caroline Williams like I said was annoying as hell but she was the only one like that. Cody Blue Snider plays Deputy Schneiderman and he is freaking hysterical, I loved his character from the first time we see him. Derek Mears is that ego driven swat team leader named Hawes, Rileah Vanderbilt plays an opifer under him named Dougherty and both of them are pretty good. There are some cameos that I thought were great as well.




I love the movie, I liked the first one, loved the second and recommend the series to a lot of people. Biggest complaint other than the Amanda character is that there was not enough Danielle Harris in this movie.

Grade A



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