Candyman (1992)


Bernard Rose


Clive Barker
Bernard Rose


Virginia Madsen – Helen Lyle
Tony Todd – Candyman – Daniel Robitaille
Xander Berkeley – Trevor Lyle
Vanessa Williams – Anne-Marie McCoy

I am a huge fan of Tony Todd and this is the reason why. I love this movie, sadly it has been the only one in the series that I have actually watched. I’ve always meant to watch the rest and now that I have been doing this blog that should be a possibility. Anyways what makes this story one that I like is that it takes a classic concept and updates it a little bit. Bloody Mary is said to come and kill whoever says her name five times in a mirror and that also works for the Candyman except it gives him a great back story.

Helen is a grad student working on her thesis on urban legends while she learns about a local legend of the Candyman. She gets scoffed at by a man said to be a expert on the subject so she searches for the background on the man, the biggest mistake she makes is saying his name in the mirror just like the legends say. From there she is being chased down, people in her life are dying horrible death and she is the prime suspect in both a murder and a kidnapping. The thing that varies greatly from the original myth is that Candyman was suppose to kill the person who summoned him, not he wnts to be remembered because when he is forgotten he loses power.

Candyman was a slave that was caught having relations with a white woman so they lynched him, and when I say lynched it’s not the just the hanging that people think. They used to torture slaves when they would lynch them, often castrating them or ripping bodies apart, so it’s no shock that they really messed this guy up. His hand was cut off as well as having a bee hive shoved into his stomach. So now that he is haunting people who say his name with bees and a hook that has replaced his hand. The hooked hand has some significance; I believe that they stated that he had not only had a artist gift but was very famous for it.

Throughout everything there is a lot of really well done scenes, if you want a high paced slasher then this is not for you because it can be a little bit of a slow burn but in my opinion that adds so much more to the story and the character of Candyman. It builds slowly but the payoff is some rather creepy scenes that stay with you, the one that is my personal favorite is when there are bees coming out of his freaking mouth, no CG or other ways to make it look their they were there but they weren’t He had real freaking bees in his mouth and he kisses an actress that is actually allergic to bees!

Something I have to point out is that this is yet another movie that is based off of the work of Clive Barker. I love his work, I wish more people in Hollywood treated the source material l like they did in this one. It’s not identical but it treats it with the respect it deserves.

Straight up, watch this movie. It is a favorite and there really isn’t much to say in the way of negatives. Certain characters your hate but they aren’t annoying… they just aren’t good people. The effects they have are great for the time and still good now, the sound is some of the best work I have reviewed to date… seriously no complaints from me.

Grade A


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