Dead Silence (2007)


James Wan


Leigh Whannell
Jame Wan


Ryan Kwaten – Jamie Ashen
Amber Valletta – Ella Ashen
Donnie Wahlberg – Dept. Lipton
Michael Fairman – Henry Walker
Joan Heney – Marion Walker
Bob Gruton – Edward Ashen
Laura Regan – Lisa AShen
Judith Roberts – Mary Shaw

The monthly movie night has turned into something I look forward to the moment the previous one is over and the most recent one was “Evil Dolls”. The first two movies that we ended up watching I had already reviewed (Child’s Play and Puppet Master) but Dead Silence was one that none of us had watched. Now as far as I was concerned I wasn’t the biggest fan of James Wan though the only film of his I had seen was “Saw”. I hadn’t finished that one but I saw the twist long before it happened so I was interested in this one but had my reserves.

The story starts with a couple that receive this ventriloquist puppet in the mail, apparently in the town that they were from sees them as bad luck. The wife doesn’t seem to believe that and she ends up dying a horrible death and seems to have had her mouth tore up and her tongue ripped out after a crazy scene where you aren’t exactly sure what is gone on.

The writing sets up this good mystery where we get to slowly find out what is going on and what the town is hiding. It’s a fun ride for the most part, there are a few things that bothered me but I’ll leave those till later. The best part of the whole thing is that for most of the movie they do a very good job keeping you in the dark and the twists and turns are farely well done. Now, being a little jaded and experienced with horror movies you can see some of those coming but they actually work very well. People are going to complain that they are a little predictable but sometimes what makes sense in a story is slightly predictable.

The acting is solid, very solid actually. There are some movies that I’ve seen that are well done but I may think some of the casting could have been better but not this time around. I really can’t think of any member of the cast I would get rid of. The characters that you were meant to bond with I did so fairly easily, even some of the ones you weren’t suppose to right away I still kind of found likeable.

There is a few things that I did not like. The first being is that the movie is a little misleading as far as exactly what this movie is. Off the bat you are lead to believe that it is an evil doll film but to be honest it really isn’t, its more of a supernatural film but the doll doe play a huge part in it. There is the tongue… once you watch the film you will know what I am talking about and even though it wasn;t the worst thing in the world it still is a bit much. During the film a friend mentioned how it bugged her and I respect her opinion on it. It bothered me in the further I’m away from the film and she didn’t like ti right away.

There was one story element that I didn’t like and that Jamie is suppose to be grieving in the movie but rarely do we see that come through. Its not the actors fault but in order to keep the ace of the film as well as not making the character seem too soft the writer rote the story the way she did.

The best thing in the movie is the sound. There are times where they is a real lack of any noticeable sounds and it makes the scene so much better. I loved it, I don’t say that much in these movies but it was fantastic

It’s seriously one of most fun films I’ve watched during a movie nght that was a serious horror movie. We had two guys screaming like little girls so as long as you aren’t as desensitized as I am it may make you jump or even make you feel uneasy in a quiet room.

Grade A


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