Species (1995)


Roger Donaldson


Dennis Feldman


Ben Kingsley- Xavier Fitch
Michael Madsen – Preston Lennox
Alfred Molina – Dr. Stephen Arden
Forest Whitaker – Dan Smithson
Marge Helgenberger – Dr. Laura Baker
Natasha Henstridge – Sil
Michelle Williams – Young Sil


Something Stephen King and Dean Koontz does that makes their readers care is the idea of a child in danger. And this movie starts that way, we see this poor girl in a lab, obviously no one to truly look after her, and they are planning on gassing her. We see the pain on her face as well as the man who is responsible for her execution. It’s a sad scene to watch…

Except that she breaks through her cell and escapes, even kills a man on the train which she used to escape pursuit. It makes a interesting point right off the bat, who are we rooting for in this movie. We have this girl who is very obviously not human (we have people say that several times) or the government people who were just trying to kill her. She has some very disturbing dreams and at one point she goes through this weird change were things start to rip out of her skin so its clear that she is dangerous.

The big story here is the hunt for the escaped girl, the government puts a team together to go hunt down the girl. The issue comes when you see that she isn’t a little girl and that she was not a full grown adult (rapid aging).  The team consists of Preston Lennox a professional killer, Stephen Arden a micro biologist, Laura Baker who is a scientist but I couldn’t remember what that was and Dan Smithson who is an empath. It’s not a likely team and it makes for some moments where all I could think was why the heck you are even there?

The story is a bit insane, there is talk about protocols that need to be followed and a way things need to be done but they didn’t care about those previously. Here the first major question that I have, why the heck did they mix alien and human DNA and let it grow? why didn’t they just try grow just the alien DNA to see what the heck would happen (they did that later in the movie and weren’t happy with the results)? Why built containment facility to house her that she could break through?

The things that I liked about the movie… first off for once they actually have a decent reason for the nudity. Sil is looking t mate, its something that seems to be coded into her that makes it a priority and goof for them for trying to figure out a reason. I still think there was way too much but its been than just having random boobs for no reason. The effects were good considering that they are about twenty years old. Frankly the best reasons to watch the movie are Michael Madsen and Natasha Henstridge. Madsen has been in a ton of movies and even if they aren’t good he at least tries which is better than most actors. This was actually the first film with Henstridge and even though she is the antagonist in the film she is very sympathetic and its clear that she is willing to try just about anything.

There are two kinds of people that this film is great for, those who are really into aliens and those who are into Natasha Henstridge. The story is fairly broken, the acting is fine but the script should have had a higher level of polish before making it’s way to the big screen.

Grade: D

Grade: D


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