Saw (2004)


James Wan


Leigh Whannell
James Wan


Leigh Whannell – Adam Faulkner-Stanheight
Cary Elwes – Dr.Laurence Gordon
Danny Glover – Detective David
Ken Leung – Detective Steven Sing
Dina Meyer – Kerry
Mike Butters – Paul
Paul Gutrecht – Mark
Michael Emerson – Zep Hindle
Benito Matrinez – Brett
Shawnee Smith – Amanda
Makenzie Vega – Diana Gordon
Monica Potter – Alison Gordon 
Ned Bellamy – Jeff
Alexandra Bokyun Chun – Carla

When this movie first came out on DVD I remember starting to watch the film in a basement while I was an intern. After the first ten minutes I walked out, I had already figured out the major twist to the movie and frankly wasn’t in the mood. Earlier this week I was forced to stay home due to being sick so I decided that it would be a good idea to watch it and review it for the site. The day I planned on actually writing this review was Wednesday the 2nd when my body thought it would be a grand idea to start passing a kidney stone (which still isn’t out yet and I’m still sick). If this review makes no since is because I’m on a decent amount of pain killers and lose focus rather quickly.

The premise of the movie is much better than a lot of people give it credit for, now its only known as starting the torture-porn film craze though I wouldn’t even place it in the same genre though torture is a big part of the film. All we start off is we have two men stuck in a large tiled bathroom. The place is filthy, and all they know is that there is a game going on, one were Adam has to do what he can to survive and Laurence has to kill Adam before time is up. Its not as easy as it sounds because there is a huge puzzle aspect to it and the first tip they get comes from cryptic tape messages. It’s comes across as being very well done, the situation and the camera effects were very gritty. It’s clear that this film was James Wan’s and Leigh Whannell’s brainchild and baby.

As weird as it sounds there is a lot of love put into this movie, so much attention is paid to the little things. The scene transitions are amazing, the big reason I love Wan’s movies (now anyways) is that everything is so smooth like that. Not a single transition is wasted in this film, not everything fades to black or just rips into the next scene. The color choices, the fact that so much is muted other than the color green it gives off a very eerie feeling.

The two main characters felt real which something that most horror movies can’t say with just one character. The lines were very well done with the correct delivery and I really can’t remember any cheesy ones. A big reason for that is because the writer is the same guy who plays Adam, no way you would write yourself into a bad scene (I hope). There is one other actor who did a great job but he barely says or does anything but I really don’t want to talk about that plot point a whole lot…  Danny Glover though is awesome as always.

What I hate about this movie, I really hate the hype and thins people say about the film. The hype that ths film has gotten is not warranted and by that I mean the level of gore. There is some scenes that made me cringe but they weren’t a brutal as people make it out to be. I think there is a scene with an actual saw that was off camera but the effect that it gave off was very well done. There were a few scenes that didn’t need to be in the film, they helped a lot in the sequel but in the first film they are just filler. The big one is the interview with Amanda after she escaped the reverse bear trap, it does give off a stockholm syndrome feeling but that has nothing to do with this movie.

Serious I liked it, I can’t say I’m stoked about watching the rest of them but this was good. I also don’t know about the other but at least in this movie the name fits a big part of the plot.


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