Species 3 (2004)


Brad Turner


Dennis Feldman
Ben Ripley


Robin Dunne – Dean
Robert Knepper – Dr Abbot
Sunny Mabrey – Sara
Amelia Cooke – Amelia
John Paul Pitoc -Hastings
Michael Warren – Agent Wasach
Christopher Neame- Colleen
Joel Stoffer – Portus
Savanna Fields – Young Sara
Natasha Henstridge – Eve

One of the first films I’ve watched with my new sidekick Jericho (new cat) during my term of being really sick but slightly before my bout with my kidney stones. So we have yet another species film, this one takes up where the previous one left off. We have Eve in the back of an ambulance about to give birth to the off spring of her and Adam (another man who was inflicted by the alien DNA) and this was also her send off from the film series, she dies while giving birth and so the star of the series is now gone, the question from this point is what are they planning to do for the rest.

So instead of having Eve we now have Sarah, a being that is not human or the hybrids that we are used to seeing.  She is saved after being born by Dr Abbott who raises her at his house. Apparently the reason she doesn’t go completely crazy when she goes through her cocoon is that a little bazaar but I guess it works. Her makeup is more alien than human at this point so she is unwilling to breed with anyone because they weren’t perfect enough. So she doesn’t kill Abbott or the bug who ends up being his assistant (not by his choice and frankly its rather mundane how he gets that position). The reason he needs an assistant is because the hybrids are not looking for Eve’s child so that they can mate and make offspring that can survive. That’s right the one thing that the scientists were terrified about was nothing to worry about at all. The problem is that they are dying left and right and she doesn’t want to make with anyone so the Dr. decided that he must help them… honestly didn’t care enough to remember how.

The kills from sex aren’t in this movie at all, not that it means all of the nudity is gone mind you but some of the crazier deaths are. The hybrids dying are the more interesting death in the movie and they are fairly weak looking except from one, we have the first one who is decaying right in front of the camera and it’s done fairly well but that is the gore highlight of the film. In the previous some of the kills made me cringe, nothing like dying a horrible death during what should be one of the better moments is not something would want to experience but the fact that those kills aren’t in the film they really take the soul out of the series.

The girl they got to replace Eve as the main alien was alright. Like her predecessor she had no problem being topless in front of the camera which is weird because they stripped all of the sex kills so what’s the point? They probably figured that there was nothing left in the film other than nudity. Since she was raised in an environment where things were more sterile and clinical than loving it makes sense that she had zero personality but there is little reason for the rest of the cast to be the same way.

I’m sure the review is a little disjointed, halfway through writing it I actually had surgery and the pain meds won’t help much either but this I do know. The movie isn’t very good. I don’t care what IMDB has to say there is no way this one was better than the last and in no way is it a direction that it should have gone in. If pain meds can’t make a movie enjoyable don’t think anything can.

Grade F


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