Indy Scream Queens


There are two different types of Scream Queens in the industry. Those who are looking to make the most impact by being in as many “A” films as possible and those who are simply in every horror movie they get a chance to be a part of.

I really want to take a look at a few notable people who don’t get mainstream horror fans attention but deserve some recognition for what they have done in the industry even if that means just being in a ton of movies.

Eleanor James

25 movies

A UK actress who I had never heard of until watched “Slasher House” earlier this year. If you haven’t read the review I recommend at least reading about it because for an indy film I really liked it. What I like about her in general, and the reason why she is listed at the top of this article is because she owns it. In an interview that she feels the newer actresses really should get into fake blood, practically bath in it and get used to it. It doesn’t seem that she is saying that without pretty much doing it herself. Will she ever be on the same level as Jamie Lee Curtis or a Danielle Harris? Probably not but I wouldn’t avoid her movies at all either.

Suzi Lorraine

56 movies

Suzi Lorraine in one of those scream queens who really go above and beyond when it comes to the horror genre. She does it all apparently, she has been in a ton of movie, does hosting for horror movies shows like “Monsterfest” and “Can You Survive a Horror Movie”, Producer, written one of the movies she was actually in and even does horror themed photo shoots. Her credits aren’t any thing spectacular and I am unaware if I have actually seen any of the films she has been in. The best thing is when I looked her up on IMDB they always show four films that the person is known for and one of them is “Bikini Girls one Ice” which really can’t be a great film.

Raine Brown

30 movies

Another indy actress who not only stars in a bunch of films but also helps out with production, make-up and wardrobe. Normally I am not the biggest far when an actress gets this involved in the movies they are in but im images that I have seen she isn’t the one applying the makeup so hopefully she has other people working for her. Either way she looks to be in the industry for the long haul and because of that I actually kind of want to watch some of the movies that she is in (and hope to God they are watchable) and I think I will start with one her company had nothing to do with… maybe “100 Tears” but I’m not sure.

Devanny Pinn

29 movies

Reading her bio it says that the first film she was in actually broke rental records but frankly I haven’t been able to verify that. Not going to say it’s true or not but I kind of like the idea of an indy film doing that well so I hope it is true. After the success of that movie the people over at Troma apparently liked her enough that its said that Lloyd Kaufman took special notice of her. To some people that may not mean a while lot because that’s the same company/guy who brought us the Toxic Avenger but I’m a little biased if you read my review. Other than that she has seen some time in Dexter, Piranha 3d and a bunch of other things… she even has 7 films waiting to be released.

Debbie Rochon

172 movies

Now here is a true veteran of the horror industry, she has been doing horror films since the late eighties meaning that she has been doing this about as long as I have been alive. This isn’t someone who is doing horror films because this is what she can get, it has to be something that she loves. She writes columns for magazines, been in way more movies than anyone else mentioned in this article and has even been on the receiving end of a really nasty accident while shooting film. Apparently one of the prop machetes almost severed four of her fingers. She managed to be in a lot of Troma classics like “Terror Firmer”, one of the “Toxic Avenger” films and “Tromeo and Juliet”.

There are so many of these scream queens out there in the “B”movie and indy scene that i haven’t even heard of… I’m looking forward to getting to know some of them….I hope.


  1. Great Piece! These ladies deserve some attention for their work!

    1. Yeah they do! I really wish they would get more recognition but most of the media really only praises the “A-list” celebrities.

      Thanks for commenting!

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