The Black Dahlia Haunting (2012)

The Black Dahlia Haunting Poster (featuring Alexis Iacono)Director:

Brandon Slagle


Brandon Slagle


Devanny Pinn – Holly Jenson
Britt Griffith – Dr. Brian Owen
Noah Dahl – Tyler Jenson
Alexis Iacono – Elizabeth Short / The Black Dahlia
Brandon Slagle – Malcolm
Cleve Hall – The Black Dahlia Avenger
Jessica Cameron – Norma Jeane

While working on my article about scream queens I decided that if I was going to talk about some of these women I should watch some of the movies. I had previously seen one of Eleanor James film’s (Slasher House) and liked ti so I figured I would try another film with another notable B movie actress. Being a new this movie was a good pick to check out a new actress as well as another indy film.

That is where a lot of my excitement ends with this movie. To call it a slow burn is being nice about it, the first 30 minutes of the movie is done in a snails pace. All IMDB has for the movie is…

While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman disturbs the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as ‘The Black Dahlia’.”

This isn’t a whole lot of information, it doesn’t mention that the doctor overseeing the blind brother is extremely suspicious of Holly the sister. Some stuff with the haunting seems like it could be interesting, the fact that Tyler can draw a woman who was dead for so long. They do some flashbacks before she was killed and frankly that part made me no longer want to watch the movie. One scene had a non-graphic showing of an abortion which is something that I’m not a fan of in the movies I watch.

The acting wasn’t something that I would say was fantastic for the most part. The best part of the movie doesn’t even happen until around 40 minutes, Devanny Pinn does an amazing job giving this creepy edge to her character holly but it doesn’t take long before the movie is bogged down again. Towards the end she had some really bad lines but I can;t say I’m all that shocked. She will never be a major draw as far as film goes but in this one she easily was the one they wanted to stand out. The worst one is the actor who is playing opposite her, Britt Griffith who can’t seem to find the right voice for his character. He was horrendous but he wasn’t the only one, the rest of the cast was like this. They simply didn’t sound like they were in a horror film or they didn’t sound like they cared.

Production values were real low for this one. I have seen some high school students who managed to pull off the same quality and they didn’t know what they were doing. Only a few effects were really used and they were alright, not as bad as some of the SyFy films but nothing great. There was some music in the movie but for the life of me I can’t remember any of it.

The worst part of all was the writing. The end of the movie was nonsense, this normally ends up being the problem when you are the sole writer and the director. People aren’t around you calling you out of some of the crap you come up with. If there were two or three other people involved I feel that we would have something better because someone would have been like “there is no way the character would act/talk like that” or say the ending sucked and needs to be redone. It’s just frustrating to see so little consideration when it comes to the climax of a film, take your time and figure out a way to get the ending you want while making the viewer come away from the movie feeling like it was a satisfactory ending.

Yeah, don’t watch this one. It really had some promise but ended up being a complete waste of time. If it says anything I fell asleep twice in the first twenty minutes of the movie. If it wasn’t for Jericho my cat I would have slept through the whole thing.

Grade F

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