Zellwood aka Deadly Weekend (2013)


Jason Sutten


Jason Sutten


Sara Jean Underwood – Katie
Bruster Phoenix Sampson – Matt
Patricia Rosales – Brittany
Amani Atkinson – Ryan
Haley Boyle – Zoe
Chelsea Lee – Abby
Kevin J O’Neill – Bo

The movie opens ups with some crazy stats about the area of Zellwood Miami and it sounds like a horrible place to live. They have crime stats that are above the national average (except murder which is just under the average). Its interesting, I really don’t know what to make of it. It’s not something that is a distraction from the film but it is not something that really adds to it either.

Right away there is some nudity which leads to some dude getting his junk cut off with his bolt cutters. This is only part of a movie within the movie, I have no clue why people think that this is good story telling but they seem to do a lot of it in lower budget films. If you are going to do something like this in a movie then at least use a good public domain film. One of the best horror movies of all time, “Night of the Living Dead” can be downloaded for free legally. The real point of the scene is to establish the main couple which is the guy who liked the movie and the girlfriend who hates it and frankly I’m with her. It was hard to watch and not in a great way like some scenes from Hellraiser can be hard to watch.

I really wish there was more to say about the characters but not much is really there. We do see that Matt is very much the jelious type while she is totally cool with every guy she has apparently met.

The two couples that we have aren’t the most enjoyable. We have Ryan and Katie who are very 2-dimensional for the most part and right away that it looked like they are only going to be fodder. The fact that they lasted past the first 25 minutes surprised me. The main girl is not the brightest, I;n not sure how much they expect us to be rooting for her considering that she can be so dumb. Ryan is the only one that really shows any deeper personality; the reason that he wanted to do the whole camping trip in the beginning is that Matt was leaving and they had been best friends growing up so the desire for them to be together like this obviously means a lot to him.

The kills in this were actually fairs brutal. I already talked about the first one that was done in the fake movie. The second was by far the worst and the most unbelievable which was done off camera with some bad blood splatter. There was one that was just gnarly because no only was someone tortured by nails being driven through their hands, one fingernail ripped off and one she was ripped apart by a hedge trimmer the killer started to play with her organs.

The brightest part of this film is the two girls Zoe and Abby played by Haley Boyle and Chelsea Lee respectively. Some of the stuff they said was a little on the cheesy side but they were the most intriguing characters in the entire film. Apparently they had never met before doing this movie and they quickly come of being either really good friends or siblings and I hope we get to see more of them in the future. I think they have a lot of potential while the rest of the cast not so much. Sara Jean Underwood is an alright actor but I don’t think that she ready for a lead role in a movie yet. The most convincing she was in the entire film was one scene were she was tied up and watching her friend being tortured. Speaking of her friend I thought that Patricia Rosales, playing the role of Brittany, was fairly irritating. I have no clue why they thought it was a good idea to cast the main two females with two women who don’t really act but they should have gotten someone else.

I would pass on this one. It’s not exactly a “F” but then again it is far from being an “A”. The youngest actors are the reason to watch this while the models are garbage.

Grade: D

Grade: D


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