Carrie (2013)


Kimberly Peirce


Lawrence D. Cohen
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa


Chloe Grace Moretz – Carrie White
Julianne Moore – Margaret White
Gabriella Wilde – Sue Snell
Portia Doubleday – Chris Hargensen
Alex Russell – Billy Nolan
Zoe Belkin – Tina
Ansel Elgort – Tommy Ross
Judy Greer – Ms. Desjardin

There is very few movies that I will go really out of my way to watch but this one, this one is very different. I am a huge Stephen King fan and not just the books but the movies as well. It’s one of those things, its like a car wreck on the side of the road. Even when I have no interest in seeing what was going on there is no way I can’t look. To be fair not all of them happen to be in the car wreck and this one happens to be in that category. For once it feels that Hollywood took one of Mr. King’s works seriously, good thing they did because the original is considered to be a classic.

The first thing I really want to talk about is the cast because this is the first time that the actress was the correct age for the part and she was fantastic. Chloe Grace Moretz gets some crap for how she portrayed Carrie White but I disagree. I loved it, it was completely different take on the whole character and seemed far more of a vengeful character which fits this time period better. If you try to compare which is better, Spacek or Moretz then I think you are doing a rather big disservice to both films because they are night and day different. Another stand out, to no suprise to me was that of Julianne Moore as Margaret White. She played the part fantastically, in fact she was actually better than Moretz. The one role that I felt that was over looked in the first movie was the gym teacher Miss Collins… don’t bother looking up the name in the new movie because they changed it for some reason. Now we have Ms. Desjardin, same character and attitude so nothing is lost and we have the same caliber of actress for it as well with Judy Greer. Of all the characters I actually like this one the most; Desjardin is a very likeable character and her desire to punish the nasty high school teens is something that most of us would like to do.

The story is that we have Carrie, the daughter of a religious nut and an outcast that is tormented constantly by her peers. Unfortunately for her she gets her first period while in the gym showers and freaks out, having never even heard about it until it happens to her she thinks she is dying and of course the girls in her class only make it worse. From there we have a couple stories going on at once, the first being is that one classmate Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) is pregnant, emotional and feeling very guilty about what happened in the showers. She decided that Carrie should go to the prom and her boyfriend Tommy should be the one to take her. He reluctantly decides to do it. At the same time Chris decided that the schools punishment wasn’t right and fights the system only to lose her ability to even go to the prom so she decided that she will attempt top get even. The most important storyline is that Carrie has discovered her power and is slowly testing and strengthening them.

All of this comes together in the end. We end up seeming people trampleded while the school and a few students burn around them, items flying into people. We even see some electrocutions and things like that. I really thought the kills were pretty realistic though my favorite is one of the characters who really desire it, I don;t want to give out spoilers in case anyone hasn’t watched any of the Carrie movies. The effects for all of this were fairly good, I would have liked more practical effects but I am a bit of a purist for that.

Yeah great version of the story. This is not a replacement for the first film, its just another way of telling the same story.

Grade A


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