The Midnight Meat Train (2008)


Ryuhei Kitamura


Jeff Buhler 
Clive Barker 


Bradley Cooper – Leon
Leslie Bibb – Maya
Brooke Shields – Susan Hoff
Vinnie Jones – Mahogany
Roger Jones – Jurgis

I have learned a very valuable lesson this week, every once in awhile I end up forgetting this little rule and I end up regretting it. That lesson is… lower them expectations. I know people who love any Nightmare on Elm Street film or a Friday the 13th simply because they have those names and characters. I am partial to some people, I will watch almost anything with certain actors/actresses in it and I generally will ready anything by a couple of authors. I have no clue how I missed that this movie was even made but when I saw that it I knew I had to watch it.

The movie is a lot like the short story by Clive Barker of the same name, there is some big differences though. In the movie Leon is a photographer trying to catch the true heart of the city which seems to be the not so nice side. He lives with his super supportive girlfriend, his agent hooks him up with a woman who really pushes him to try harder… what more could he really want? One night he takes a woman’s photo while three guys were terrorizing her in the subway (making him a giant douche bag), saves her only when she sees him, only to find out she went missing later on. Later, he manages to figure out who is killing people in the subway and pretty much stalked the dude.

Are you stupid? This dude is butchering people but he decides that he has to prove that this silent guy is the one doing it. This is nothing like the story, in fact there is no girl friend, he wasn’t a photographer and he wasn;t looking for a killer. The poor guy was one the wrong train at the wrong time but had the will to fight back. Leon in the movie risked his own like by following Mahogany but he risjked his girlfriends.

One of the things in the short story that I liked was that the whole time the twist at the end was being alluded to because we got to see things from Mahogany’s side. Without that it makes it seem like a random left turn and ruins the ending. I know a few people may disagree with that but I thought it was bad, I would have liked to see some foreshadowing. Give some clues that things are about to get seriously messed up for Leon. Also because they changed Leon in the movie the end makes zero sense which was a big let down for me.

Clive Barker is kind of known for having these movies with a lot of blood and gnarly kills. This movie has some gnarly kills… nothing like a meat tenderizer to the face. The beginning of the movie has this guy slip in a puddle of blood and practically rolls around in it… there is some butchering but again I have a problem. The blood is a cherry red for some of the scenes. I have no clue who did that and thought it was a good idea but I hope they aren’t in charge of things like that anymore. The only thing that takes me out of the movie more is the scenes that were meant for 3d.

If you have to watch every Clive Barker film then go ahead, several critics seemed to like the movie. Its not an awful movie, I do suppose that my review paints it that way but in reality it could have been a lot worse. Bradly Cooper is a good actor and so is Vinnie Jones. I just don’t think they are enough of a reason to watch this movie.

In the end the movie was frustrating for me to watch. In Hellraiser they made some changes and I still feel like it honored the spirit of the movie while this one really did it no favors.

Grade: D

Grade: D


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