Insidious (2010)


James Wan


Leigh Whannell


Patrick Wilson – Josh Lambert
Rose Byrne – Renai Lambert
Ty Simpkins – Dalton Lambert
Lin Shaye – Elis Rainier
Leigh Whannell – Specs
Angus Sampson – Tucker
Barbara Hershey – Lorraine Lambert
Andrew Astor – Foster Lambert

I know that I may have missed the bus on this movie already, the sequel has already been released but I finally got a chance and I dont think I could be more excited for a movie. I love James Wan as a director, I really haven’t seen a film of his that I wasn’t impressed with and from I have heard this movie will be no exception.

The intro to the movie has some of the best horror music I have heard in a long time. I lot of sharp sounding notes that must have all been in a minor key because they just leave a real edginess that is missing from most films. Normally today it’s just some band’s song that rings out through the credits and it never sets the mood, I feel anyways, that is needed for a good movie.

Anyways, we have this family living in what appears to be a older house, the stairs creek when being stepped on and the whole house has this look not all that common is houses being built today. So, a family of five living in a huge house… something that most people would love but that would make a really crappy horror flick. Dalton, one of the boys ends up in the attic and it’s clear what they plan to use to make you care. After something that happens to him they find that they are unable to wake him up the following day.

After a few months of living with the stress of a son in a coma and the sense of a haunted house the family decides that they have to move. But it is made clear very fast that it isn’t the house that is causing the issues. When that happens even I started to feel a little on edge and after years of watching horror films I’m a little jaded. Then we get the ghost hunters in the house trying to figure out is going on. This second half of the film is nothing like the first, the pace is very different and the story telling is drastically different. With this a lot of the creepier aspects of the movie have disappeared but it didn’t bother me a whole lot.

One of the most important things about this movie is that the characters feel real. If the family had come off as a two dimensional cast this movie would have flopped really bad but it really only took me twenty minutes to feel for them. I have zero complaints about the actors in this movie, they were awesome. I would like to pick a few that were standouts but that would be the entire cast. It’s rare that I am this happy with the entire cast.

The camera angles in this movie are great. I love all of the little things James Wan does in his films and with Leigh Whannell writing its amazing what they do. There were so many places where people less gifted would have done the jump scares to get you scarred but they managed to avoid all the of the cheap easy things to make this a horror movie. They even had this easter egg in the classroom, this chalk drawing of Billy the puppet from Saw as well as a few others. They amount of special effects they use in the film is just the right amount, enough to make things enhanced. The two just have found this sweet spot and it is really enjoyable to see.

This is a must see film, I know some people are going to be put off by the second half (someone who helps with the site is one of them) but I liked it. This had a lot of great elements missing from horror films today and they should be taken note of.

Grade A


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