Top 5 – Horror games at E3 2014

Well another E3 has come and gone. For those non gamers out there this is one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year. It seems like the last couple of years there has been a lot more love for the horror genre is a lot of different media. Since the rise in popularity of the Walking Dead we have been getting a lot of stuff coming out and this year’s convention had some pretty good looking games. Now I was not there, there was no way I was going to be able to afford that trip so like many people I followed the news back at home.

#5.) Bloodborn

I am not a fan of the “Dark Souls” series but for those people who are into that series are in for a treat with this one. In fact one of my wife’s relatives is a diehard and he could not be more excited. Frankly I felt like the trailer went on for a little long but still the content looks good.


#4.) Doom 4

When I was younger me and my sister Nicole used to play games like Doom on our PC and loved it. We weren’t very good and she quickly gave up but I stil have some good memories of that game. Now I actually never played the other games… Doom 3 was not something bible school smiled upon. This trailer, it has no game play mine you, has me interested in possibly picking the series back up. There is really nothing like seeing a giant cyborg demon.


#3.) Alien Isolation

This trailer looked awesome; I love the Alien series even though half of the films weren’t all that great. Now the games series hasn’t always done that well. In fact there was a point where they believed that after Colonial Maries bombed the way it did that there would be no way another game would be made. I think this one looks sick and would be higher on my list but the fact that the other games were such a letdown I won’t hold my breath.


#2.)  Dying Light

Like a bunch of other games I mentioned I have never played the companies previous game “Dead Island” though I wanted to. What this game really reminds me of is Mirrors Edge and I loved that game. Free running first person can be a lot of fun and now you get to do that while killing zombie like creatures. To me that sounds amazing and the trailer looked like to will be creepy to play during the night time.


#1.) Mortal Kombat X

For me there really could be no other number one. This is one of my favorite franchises; I even managed to sneak in some play time while at bible college. The last game was amazing, they really revamped the whole first person experience and I hope that they continue in the same vein. What interests me the most is that not many characters survived so I have no clue who will be coming back and being playable. I know death is not a forever thing in those games but there were like 3 survivors. The fatalities that they showed in the trailers look awesome and I’m super excited for this game to come out.


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