Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)

Director: ghostsofgoodnightlanet-355x500

Alin Bijan 


Alin Bijan
Amy Acosta


Lacy Chabert – Dani
Danielle Harris – Chloe
Billy Zane – Alan
Matt Dallas – Ben
Richard Tyson – Ron
Christine Bently – Laurel Mattews
Melissa Cordero – Rio
Brina Palencia – Micah
Jennifer Korbin – Michelle
Lynn Andrews III – Amin

Last time I got excited to see Danielle Harris in a film I totally got burned. She was in the film for all of ten minutes but thankfully this is not the case with this film. She isn’t top billed making people believe that she was going to be the main character or anything. In the lead role instead we have Lacey Chabert who I actually hadn’t seen since Lost in Space back in the mid nineties.

Now this movie takes place in a film studio, late night working on their latest film one of them ends up dying a pretty nasty death. The studio decides to move ahead with the film (the building they were in was going to be leveled in a couple of days… maybe weeks) and they end up trapped in the house with a very pissed off ghost. There really isn’t a whole lot of “out–of-the-box” in the story line but it really didn’t need to be. It’s a classic haunted house story but where the movie shines in the kills and the cast.

This movie should have gotten some more recognition because of the cast. We have some real star in this movie and I’m shocked there wasn’t more press. We got Lacy Chabert as your main female lead, Danielle Harris in a pivotal role in the movie as well has Billy Zane. I loved Zane in this movie, I am a huge fan of Harris but he stole the show for me.

The kills were fun, I know that may sound weird but they were. They weren’t over the top like a Saw films but they had moments that were cringe worthy. I think the reason for this is the camera never really gets to the angle where your see the most gruesome aspect of the kill and a lot of the time your brain will be able to finish the rest. I know people will complain about this but there is some president for this working out rather well and they tried. I don’t know the reason why they did, it could have been budget issues or their practical effects team may have not been up to do those…. Heck it could have been a directorial decision but I don’t think it is one that really hurts them all that much.

The biggest detractor I have is the fact that the movie is really not all that funny. According to the internet this is a horror comedy and the jokes really only can from one character (well the good ones) and that was Alan played by Billy Zane. I thought he did a great job making the moments a little lighter in tone. I loved his little jokes, there was nothing in the tone of scary movie in the jokes and I liked him, wished there was more of that.

In the end I really can’t say that this is the best movie I have seen this year. I liked a lot of it and I would probably watch it again but the issue comes when they really let me down on a few front. The first being the body count, it wasn’t as impressive as it could have and should have been. The bigger issue is that in the end the movie really just wasn’t funny and misted that mark for me. I’m going to give this movie a C but it could easily be a B for some people. I liked a good portion of the movie but I felt like a decent portion of the film fell a little flat.

Grade C

Grade C


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