The Human Race (2013)

Director: thr

Paul Hough


Paul Hough


Paul McCarthy-Boyington – Justin
Eddie  McGee – Eddie
Trista Robinson – Deaf Female
T. Arthur Cottam – Deaf Male
Brianna Lauren Jackson – Veronica
Fred Coury – Yellow Jersey
B. Anthony Cohen – The Priest
Noel Britton – Stressed out
J. Louis Reid – War Vet

One thing I have really been trying to do lately is to go into a movie with as few expectations as possible. I’ve found more often than not I am disappointed with movies though a few actually surprise me. When I saw the trailer for this movie I was interested but expected something that would end up being nothing more than a pile of garbage. The reviews on IMDB had this once at almost an 8.0 but it has dropped significantly… not a great sign for the movie.

The plot is interesting to some degree. We have a bunch of people  who are stuck in a place where they have to race each other or die. The rules are very simples; you have to race or die, get lapped twice and die, step on the grass and die, and follow the arrows or die. They waste no time in showing why you have to follow those rules and the cost of them because we get to see a teenage die rather quickly. There is nothing like a head exploding to get the point across to the audience. Anyways there can only be one winner from a selection of 80 people. Each of those people are just a random group, we have every age group represented as well as people with handicaps and one that is even pregnant.

Now the acting was surprising good. I saw surprising because the man actor is a guy who first got his face due to Big Brother. Honestly, this is a B movie so there is some bad actors in the group but how the story is focused its real easy to gloss over them. I think they did  a great job keeping the less skilled actors out of the spotlight. Eddie McGee and Paul McCarthy-Boyington worked amazingly well together and they spend a good deal of the movie together. Trista Robinson was another one that stood out very well, I don’t believe she is actually deaf but she played one in this movie very well.

The blood effects in movie, most of the kills are the same thing over and over, needed a little work. I felt like a few of them looked really good but for some reason they seemed to look less impressive the longer the movie went on. There was one pair of kills that I liked that had two people being tire together with a piece of barbed wire. It wasn’t overly visceral or anything but it is the thought that counts sometimes.

The things I like about this movie… Eddy was fantastic in his role. I liked that they took the story and end in a direction past what most people would have done. I think some of the choices for camera angles and how they cut to different scenes were great. The negatives are the effects of the movie being very inconsistent. I think the trailer does this movie a huge disservice as well.

If you enjoy B movies with an interesting premise than good ahead and watch this movie. At times it seems like something that will play on SyFy network so if you need the polish of a AAA film then maybe avoid it.

Grade B

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