Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)

Director: wishmaster3

Chris Angel


Peter Atkins
Alex Wright


Jason Connery – Prof. Joel Barash
A.J. Cook – Diana Collins
Tobias Mehler – Greg Janson / St. Michael the Archangel
Louisette Geiss – Katie York
Aarone Smolinski – Billy Matthews
Daniella Evangelista – Anne
Emmanuelle Vaugier – Elinor Smith
John Novak – The Djinn


Now in the last movie I felt like Andrew Divoff really came in his role as the Djinn so he really must be amazing in this one. Right? Nope because he wasn’t even in the damn movie, instead we ended up with a new guy and he has some decent shoes to fill. Granted I didn’t feel that this was an “A” franchise in the horror genre but I still feel like it has its place in horror history.

Wishmaster 3 following in the steps of the last movies, it has no connection to the previous movie other then that the Djinn and his desire to bring the end of the world. Here we have Diana, a student who manages to release the DJinn from a puzzle box. Again, the Djinn do not need a certain number of souls but it does need Katie to have 3 wishes. I have no clue why they changed the rules again but this time they added a few other ones that made some sense. They made it so the wishes could not actually kill the DJinn, I have no clue if that was in the first two movies but It seemed like it was needed.

Now the acting changes is something that was very Jarring throughout the whole movie. I felt like they really made a very interesting character when they had Divoff in the key role but John Novak wasn’t cutting it. It isn’t that he is not a good actor, in fact he does a ton of great voice over work in animated films but this was just not the right casting call. I felt like the main girl in the last movie was a weird choice because she is really outside the box but this one was playing a little too safe.  I don’t know if I have really seen too many films with A.J. Cook in them but she gave kind of a forgivable performance in this one.

Three kills stick out to me when I think of this movie, frankly I can’t say I even remember the rest if there is any. One of them the prosthetics department should be proud of because they do a great job when a man gets his face ripped off.  The one I saw was the worst a woman had her face and eyes eaten by rats… I think. When it was all over I really couldn’t tell what the makeup was really trying to portray and I have no clue how it actually worked with the wish. Now there is a “gross out” death that, again I feel like they deserve some praise because they managed to even make me flinch away. A woman wanted to lose a few pounds and manages to puke up her own stomach and waste away while in this guys arm. It’s gnarly.

The movie does a few things well. I feel like it tried to push it’s lore a little further and managed creates some rules that should have been stated in the first film. I felt like they did what they could with the story, the unfortunate thing about these movies and the storylines is that they can only do so much because its based off of the deaths and not any real story progression. Sadly I feel like the negatives out weight the positives.

The loss of Divoff really hurts the franchise I think. It’s like   Hellraiser without Pinhead (or Priest). That comparison also creates a problem because when she solves this very simple puzzle box and summons a demon that is the only thing I could think of. Nothing can hurt a movie as bad and having the viewer think about a movie that they feel is better overall and they did that with several (Hellraiser and Wishmaster 1 & 2).  Another thing that hurts this movie is that it is straight to DVD which means the computer effects take a huge dive in quality. They can only afford to do so much and they should have accounted better than that. Last thing I was sadned by was the addition to nudity in this movie, it really wasn’t needed and was actually really dumb in context. They just wanted an excuse to have boobs in this one.

This franchise is flawed due to how they have been using it but I feel like this movie hurts way more than it helps with the bland performances and the lack of any real direction. I say that if you watch the series stop at the second one.

Grade F

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