Hold Your Breath (2012)


Jared Cohn


Geoff Meed 
Kenny Zinn


Katrina Bowden – Jerry
Randy Wayne – Johnny
Erin Marie Hogan – Natasha
Steve Hanks – McBride
Brad Slaughter – Tony
Seth Cassell – Kyle
Darin Cooper – Warden Wilkes
Jordan Pratt-Thatcher – Heath
Lisa Younger – Samantha
Keith Allen – Van Hausen
Devanny Pinn – Woman With Scar

If it was not for Devanny Pinn I don’t know if I ever would have watched this movie. I don’t mean that in a bad way or in that I am in some way obsessed with her but I have found that I do enjoy her work and she is super nice on social media. I seriously wish that there were more people with the attitude that she had because every time I have said anything to her she responds… but anyways she mentioned that this movie had made its way to the instant streaming site. Since she is so awesome I figured that I should check it out.

We have this guy, Van Hausen, who is this mentally disturbed killer who dies by electrocution. This is the first thing we get to see, he dies after killing a guard with some of his victims watching. After the guy finally dies we skip forward in time to a group of college kids going on camping and just so happen to be driving where that guy was buried. Growing up we used to do this with tunnels but they do this thing where you have to hold your breath so the evil spirits in the cemetery won’t possess you. Needless to say one guy does not hold his breath and crap really starts to hit the fan.

This movie has one heck of a cast, like Ghost of Goodnight Lane, and managed to get none of the recognition for it. They have Katrina Bowden, Randy Wayne, and Eric Marie Hogan in the main roles in this movie. Sadly Miss Pinn is only in this movie for a short time but she does give it her all. Sure there are cheesy lines that the characters give, some of it doesn’t make much since but this really feels like an eighties slasher movie. I loved the vibe this movie gave off and I give a good amount of credit to the cast.

The kills in this movie go hand in hand with the effects for better or worse. Have people gouge out eyes is something that looks rather nice with the practical effects, the blood looked good. I think that if they kept up with those effects then it would have been an awesome movie. The CG is where this falls apart. There is a woman who gets ripped in half would have been an awesome scene except that the CG looked bad. We get shooting, stabbings and even death by a electric mixer which is fairly ugly due to those same CG effects.

The highlight of this movie is rather simple, it has a great cast and a campy storyline that makes a fun movie. This is not a movie that will shake you too your core, in no way with this be on the same level as something like American Beauty but not every movie needs to be super serious. Why is it that horror movies are only allowed to be fun if it comes from a major studio. The downsides are likewise pretty simple. There is a large amount of nudity (that doesn’t make sense) and some bad CG. I will now say that all of the writing is up to snuff but as long as the movie stayed fun to watch I’m alright with it.

I had fun with this movie, I have said that a couple of times and I mean it. I can’t see it winning many awards outside of the horror film fests. I used to be very weary of films that were considered to be indy and this is yet another example of how I was wrong to think so. Also, this movie is proof to me that practical effects works better… the effects on Devanny’s face in the beginning were awesome.

Grade B

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