Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

Director: wishmaster 4

Chris Angel 


Peter Atkins 
John Benjamin Martin


Tara Spencer-Nairn – Lisa Burnley
Michael Trucco – Steven Verdel
Jason Thompson – Sam
John Novak – Djinn
Victor Webster – Hunter
John Benjamin Martin – Douglas Hollister
Kimberly Huie – Tracy


Normally movie sequels are done with a time gap, allowing the studio to  either plan the next one or cancel any plans depending how well I does. Instead of doing this they decided to roll the dice and go, the filmed the 3rd movie and the 4th back to back. Apparently only a weekend was allowed in down time. With that you may expect that they planned on using the same actors or something like that but they followed suite and went for a whole new cast and story.

I really think the choice of going with a different is an odd one considering that they managed to do a back to back film with the funding needed. But instead of the follow up to the college girl Diana we get the couple of Lisa and Sam. Once a very happy couple but when Sam gets in a motorcycle accident and that changes for them very quickly. He seems paralyzed from the waist down and hating life while she is doing her best by him. The third character involved in the main story is the lawyer Steven who had a thing for Lisa until his identity is taken over by the Djinn.

We don’t seem to have the same level of rules as they did last time but instead they have rules about love. They aren’t allowed to make people love on a wish apparently… where has that rule been this whole time? He didn’t need the 1001 souls or anything like that… he just needs Lisa to fall in love with them. They need to establish some sort of mythos for this world because so far it changes every movie.

The wishes were nothing spectacular, which means that a good deal of the deaths in the movie is actually rather lack luster as well. The three wishes from the main actress are sensible but they lead to one death which looked awful. The guy ends up going to town cutting off sections of his own face, this is a great idea except that he is suppose to cut off his own nose but when we look at his face he it’s still there. We have one girl who wanted killer sex and she gets that apparently. One guy wanted to be a pimple on this stripper’s ass for some reason.  The issue is with this movie is that it had no issue being the lowest common denominator. They didn’t go above and beyond in the wishes at all. Instead they substituted with pointless nudity and bad effects.

Now I won’t say that everything is awful in this movie, they actually made something that is able to be watched which isn’t true of so many movies. I watched one the other day with friends that I have a hard time even calling a movie so that does put a lot in perspective. Sadly I really am struggling to find a lot of the good points of the movie.

I managed to say that the wishes sucked. I was not impressed by them at all. The sad things that I felt like the last movie actually had much better effect overall. There was a guy who apparently had his nose cut off but two seconds later we see that it’s still there but bloody. A man has his hand broken, again just bloody, and his hand burned which was just a latest cover painted grey. Now that the Djinn is out in daylight a lot more in this one they show a lot of the flaws in the design. They should have kept the dark tone and lighting in order to hide the seams and poor design choices.

This is why you need to have breaks in-between doing films. I think the movie would have done better if some time was taken to rethink some of the choices they made. This movie easily killed the franchise because they didn’t take the time to look at what they had and make changes to ensure a future.

Grade F

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