Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

Director: candyman2

Bill Condon 


Clive Barker 
Rand Ravich


Tony Todd – Candyman / Daniel Robitaille
Kelly Rowan – Annie Tarrant
William O’Leary – Ethan Tarrant
Bill Nunn – Reverend Ellis
Matt Clark – Honore Thibideaux
David Gianopoilos – Detective Ray Levesque
Fay Hauser – Pam Carver
Joshua Gibran Mayweather – Matthew Ellis
Timothy Carhart – Paul McKeever
Veronica Cartwright – Octavia Tarrant

It should be no surprise to anyone by now that I am both a huge Clive Barker fan as well as a Tony Todd fan. As crazy as it sounds I had not watched the Candyman Sequels, I love the first one but i just never got around to finishing the series. I would have loved to do it sooner but that is how life goes sometimes. Thankfully Netflix has added this to the instant streaming service so here we go.

We have yet another stand alone story for the Candyman, a Bloody Mary type apparition that preys on people who say his name five times in a mirror. This happened with several people in this movie, and he comes into the film a lot quicker than the last one. The issue with characters like this is once you see them for the first time its hard to get that feeling of dread back, one way to make us for that is for him to kill characters that we tend to like and that also happens several times. This is very similar to the firt one thought they really put some time to explain Candyman a bit more and this can be good and bad. Nothing like taking a bit of fear away from a character then making him more human… though it is nice to know more about a character like him.

The tone of the film really changed in this one, I felt like this was less of a slow burn and less dark. To top of the big changes there is also this minor narrator in the film who frankly is rather annoying. I have no issues with southern accents but when you have this stereotypical Mardi Gras DJ and it gets annoying fast. I have no clue why it is even in there because it does a better job showing what is going on in the movie in a better way than using him.  There were more onscreen deaths in this one I believe, some of which show that it is a spirit instead of a man (the audience knew that but the police can be a bit slow) and that was kind of neat.

Lot of blood, not a huge amount of dismemberment but enough to keep people happy I think. There is one scnen where you get to see Candyman back when he was human getting his hand removed and that was done so well. I loved the practical effects in this movie, there is one that I wasn’t super stoked about because you could see that his nostrils weren’t actually carved out but I can live with that. The bees on Tony Todd always make me crindge… I hate insects so that will feel uneasy any time.

Acting was solid. It was how it needed to be though I hated the mother in this. Form the moment I saw her and noticed that she was hiding something I was looking forward to her dying. The cops in this I did feel were needlessly dumb. The male was just a prick, I know that is how they wrote him but he was a soulless prick. I felt like maybe he phoned in on his performance but it wasn’t all that bad. The worst was the narrator, couldn’t stand him.

Yeah, I liked the movie but it doesn’t live up to the first movie. The suspense can’t possibly live up to the original either… If you like the character but wanted some more back story then this movie is your jam.

Grade C

Grade C

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