Rawhead Rex (1986)

Director: rawhead_rex

George Pavlou


Clive Barker 


David Dukes – Howard Hallenbeck
Kelly Piper – Elaine Hallenbeck
Niall Toibin – Reverend Coot
Ronan Wilmot – Declan O’Brien
Niall O’Brien – Det. Inspector Isaac Gissing
Hugh o’Connor – Robbie Hallenbeck
Cora Venus Lunny – Minty Hallenbeck
Henrich von Schellendorf – Rawhead Rex

For my tenth review of films that are tied to Clive Barker (some of them are not exactly tied to him by his choice) I decided that it was time to see Rawhead Rex. After the success of the Nightbreed – Occupy Midion movement there was a few people who thought that they should try to get a definitive version of Rawhead as well. Is this movie on the same level as Nightbreed?

A farmer outside a small town in Ireland has been working on removing stones from his field, and in the middle of the whole thing is this rather large pillar of rock that looks like a penis. Anyways he is working this thing out of the ground, unfortunately for him it is the only thing keeping Rawhead Rex from escaping. Now, no one saw this event taking place… except for the guys who made the stained glass windows in the church who actually show the monster and we get to see him causing chaos for the rest of the movie.

Of all the movies that is tied to Clive Barker that deserves a remake this is the movie on the top of my list. I really can’t figure out why people are happy with some of the things in this movie. Even Clive Barker has said that he is really not happy with how this one came out. I’ll start with the acting, Lately I’ve been trying to really focus on the characters in movies to determine is it the actors at fault in bad movies. In this one they sure as hell did not help at all. I don’t think that the writing was real strong in the first place but I didn’t see anyone who really acted like they cared at al how this movie turned out. Not a single person came across as believable, I think planks of would could have given the same level of performance.

Clive Barker is known for his monsters. Heck two icons of horror are his creations (Pinhead and Candyman). I have no clue what they were aiming for in the mask for Rawhead, it just looks goofy and Barker has said he thought it looked like a penis. It didn’t articulate well and had nowhere the kind of presence as the book’s monster did. Heck if there is a remake of this movie then they should work off the monster in the comic. I know there really isn’t much a place in movies today for a monster with his junk hanging out the entire time but the head of the monster would be so much better then what we ended up with here.

The kills were about as bland as the actors. We get a bunch of kills that are off camera or just covered so that you really can’t see a whole lot. We see body parts but nothing as far as the actual kills. The Hellraiser movies are known for their blood and gore which is real shocking when you watch this movie for the first time… or read the book…. or the comic. Rawhead is the embodiment of destruction and in here he looks like a bigger guy in a crappy mask that can’t even seem to slaughter people in an impressive way.

This is the first time I really don’t have anything positive to say about a Clive Barker movie.

Grade F


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