Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

Director Hellraiser-Deader-2005-movie-poster

Rick Bota


Clive Barker
Benjamin Carr


Kari Wuhrer – Amy Klein
Paul Rhys – Winter
Simon Kunz – Charles Richmond
Marc Warren – Joey
Georgina Rylace – Marla
Doug Bradley – Pinhead
Laura Paraschiv – Little Sister Cenobite
Mike J. Regan – Chatterer Cenobite


The first thing I want to say about this movie, that’s right there isn’t much of an intro on this one, is that the title is dumb. Really the best title you could make for this movie is “Deader”? I know that there is a connection but come on, how about call it “Hellraiser: Resurrection” or something to that effect. Almost anything other than Deader would work for me… though the next one is called “Hellworld”.

The name “Deader” comes from a cult, the leader has the ability to bring people back from the dead even thought they recently blew their brains out. I have no clue why you would want to be brought back with a giant hole in your head and missing more than a few brain cells is beyond me. Anyways, A journalist by the name of Amy is sent out to report on the whole thing only to be stalked by the leader. A lot of the story really doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot. They wasted a lot of time with events that could have been avoided but they made for some pretty interesting scenes.

Amy Klein is played by Kari Whuer, you may remember as the other chick on the first Anaconda movie. She is an actress whose star has never seemed to have rising in the horror community. She has been in a few films, including a fan made hellraiser short but she really hasn’t be a star in films that were considered to be in the upper crust of the industry. It’s not that she is bad in this movie either, she is by far the best actor in this movie, but you can only polish a turd so much (apparently it is possible to polish one). Apparently the next big movie she will be in is Sharknado 2. Paul Rhys is her opposite in this film, he plays the role of Winter. Winter is the one who apparently can bring people back from the dead. He is best known for being on the horror show Being Human though I have never watched it. I can’t say that I am overy excited to see a show that has him in it. He was just kind of wooden in this.

There is some decent kills in this movie, less to do with cenobites then I would have liked but still a good amount of people died. I already mentioned the gunshot that was bloody and you get to see the wound later. We have a good deal of stabbings and one where the person is still moving around a considerable amount that was very well done. The ones that are done by the cenobites I thought were the worst, they just seemed to lake the imagination that they should have had considering its freaking Pinhead.

There is a good deal of nudity in this movie, both male and female which is different. I do think part of it was that it was set in Europe which is apparently a little more lax about things like that than we are. I should point out that it really should be surprised that nudity is in a Barker film, but normally in American films to see a penis is odd. There is a tone of female nudity thought, some of which was the writer/director going to the lowest common denominator. One scneen with the main character made sense that they did it the way they did but I still feel like it was not needed and could have done the scene without it and it wouldn’t affect a whole lot.

It has some decent acting from Kari Wuhrer and Doug Bradely (when you actually get to see him). I just wish that they focused more on the actual mythos of the cenobites instead of what they did. The blood was well done and there is a scenen where you see a lot of dead bodies all in one place that was pretty good but in the end there really isn’t a huge amount that I liked about this movie. I know this was not originally written as a Hellraiser movie but they should have done a better job with tying it in with the rest of the movies.


I did not like this at all. I know some of the previous ones weren’t liked by the fans much but I felt like they made decent movies but this one barely even tried to be part of the series. It could have been a decent movie before it was made into this but we will never know. They shoehorned Pinhead and the cenobites in and made the story a muddled mess.

Grade F

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