Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)

Director:hellraiser hellworld

Rick Bota 


Clive Barker 
Joel Soisson 
Carl V. Dupre 


Lance Henriksen – The Host
Katheryn Winnick – Chelsea 
Christopher Jacot – Jake
Khary Payton – Derrick 
Henry Cavill – Mike 
Anna Tolputt – Allison
Doug Bradley – Pinhead
Stelian Urian – Adam 


When I was finishing the Wishmaster series I felt like going back to back with movies is a horrible idea, sometimes movies just need some time to breath so you can make changes to the next one. They didn’t feel that way with those and they didn’t Hellword either.

Most people think that space is the last place some of these franchises need to go but I will disagree with them whole heartedly. I think the last place that Hellraiser need to be is in the world of  a MMORPG. In this movie the world of the cenobites is well known and even some what celebrated by people who have made a game based on them. Its popular with a group of kids but one day one of their friends die and the game is blamed. He was obsessed with it apparently even though what they show of the game looks like crap but that is just my opinion. The real part of the movie takes place once they all get invited ti go to this secret Hellworld party, sadily if things like this do revolve around horror fandom I’m glade I have nothing to do with it.

Chelsea, Jake, Derrick, Mike and Allison are the ones from the group. As we get to learn more about them you quickly realize that  they really aren’t; people after all, just stereotypes that fit the roles that most people think need to be in the film. The guys  Derrik and Mike are pigs, they are only interested in sex and really aren’t a whole lot deeper. In fact the whole party is based on violence and sex from what I can tell. The girls are very flat in the character department. Like the last movie I felt like there was a real issue with 2D characters that are wooden. The host seemed to have the most personality but that was only because he was being played by Lance Henriksen. I like him in most of his roles because he can deliver his lines so well.

The deaths in this movie were kind of lame to say the least. There is one with a death chair that has some saw like blades but ti really wasn’t something that was all that impressed by. The issues I had is that this movie is nothing like the other Hellraiser movies. The kills didn’t well because only one was done by a Cenobite. The kills would work in a different series; we get the chair, a decapitation as well as a few other stabbings. The one kill that is actually done by a cenobite was not nearly as satisfying as it should have been either… overall not what one would expect from a Hellraiser movie.

I liked Lance Henriksen…. I liked the fact that they tried something new even though that this was never meant as a Hellraiser movie. In fact unlike Deader this movie was actually improved on (I learned this after I wrote the previous review) because it was one known as “Dark Can’t Breath” which is awful. Other than that I do believe that this movie shouldn’t have been made, being made back to back with the last movie I don’t think they had time to figure out if this was a good idea or not. On Top of everything I really disliked the ending.

Sometimes not making the movie and losing the licinece to make another is better than what you come out with. This movie is one of those that simply shouldn’t have been in this franchise because it wasn;t good at all… even made the series spiral further down then Deader.

Grade F

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