July’s Horror Block unboxing

So the second Horror Block just came out by Nerd Block. Horror Block is a monthly horror mystery box that costs 19.99 plus 10.00 for shipping. Each month includes 6 items; a mystery tee, the newest issue of Rue Morgue, and four randomly picked items. This month’s block came with the August issue of Rue Morgue, Sharknado Funko Pop figure, Zumbies Walking Thread doll keychain, Alien pin pack, Nightmare before Christmas blind box, and a Frog Brothers Vampire Hunters tee shirt.IMG_20140802_130034

Now Horror Block likes to tease some of the items that they will be sending out in the current month box.  The first that they had teased was a Sharknado item. I got excited because I knew that Funko Pop had just released their vinyl and was rightfully rewarded with it. The second franchise that they had teased was Alien, and the announcement also excited me. I was however slightly disappointed when the item I received were some buttons. I think that if they had not said a peep about sending an alien theme item I would have liked them much more. The last item teased was for a Nightmare before Christmas item which really I was indifferent about. When I opened the box and found that it was a nice little figure I was pleasantly surprised.  I now have a nicely detailed Jack Skelington towering over all my vinyl figures.

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The shirt made me do a happy little nerd dance as soon as I saw it. Of all the vampire movies I watched, I have to put The Lost Boys at the top of my list and Frog Brothers tee is a great wardrobe addition. I flipped through the issue of Rue Morgue and I’m not let down with the range of horror culture; from a variety of movies to music and comic books. Horror Block and Rue Morgue have a partnership so each month you will receive the newest issue in your Horror Block. And finally the last item that I received was the Zumbie Walking Thread doll. This little trinket looks like a tread wound voodoo doll with a little personality added to it. There are 12 different dolls in the collection and each has a little bio that comes with each character.  I received Unqualified Quincy who is supposed to be my “key to success”.


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Overall I am quite happy with the items that came in my Horror Block. Each of the items is of nice quality and appropriate to the box theme. For the second box released by Horror Block I believe that they have hit the ground running and did not disappoint with the thought that goes into the picks that go into the box. I would give this month’s box a 5/6, if they had not teased Alien I would have liked the pins much more.  I suggest that if you are a fan of things that go bump in the night than you need to go to horrorblock.com and sign up for August’s block.



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