Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

Director: behind the mask

Scott Glosserman 


Scott Glosserman 


Nathan Baesel – Leslie Vernon
Angela Goethals – Taylor Gentry
Robert Englund – Doc Halloran
Scott Wilson – Eugene
Zelda Rubinstein – Mrs. Collinwood
Bridgett Newton – Jamie
Kate Miner – Kelly
Ben Pace – Doug
Britain Spellings – Todd
Hart Turner – Shane

Several times I have gone off of a recommendation and it turned out awful. For the most part I have learned that a lot of people who say they like horror movies actually don’t have a clue. This is a very different case, Kevin told me to watch this film and I respect his opinion. I respect it so much that I not only grabbed this on his recommendation but I have actually asked to be a part of the site.

This is a mockumentary, the premise is we get to watch the next generation of killer get his start. A crew including a intern reporter and a camera team of two guys follow him around as he preps for his big night. We get to see all of the details, like him getting his cardio up so he is able to chase the teens around and he even explains who he picked to be his final girl. This is mostly done in shakey cam, I know it is something that I have explained that I hated but it made sense here though there is some that is done in more of a classic way.

This movie doesn’t feel like a slasher, the reason I say that is because it has this smart way of looking at the whole thing. It takes the formula present in those films and explains them in such a way that it actually makes sense. Why is it that the bad guy can get back up after nasty blows, how does he pick the victims and stuff like that. For once I think the best way to get a good idea what this movie is really about and why it is so good you should watch the trailer.

It doesn’t take long to see the good in this movie. We have some fantastic character in here. In a lot of low budget films it’s either the actors that are good or it’s the writing and in this I’m happy to say it is both. The character Leslie played by Nathan Baesel is one of the best I have seen in a lower budget film. I absoluelty loved him in that role and the character was written in such a way that he really came to life. The other person in the spotlight for most of the film was Angela Goethals who was kind of distracting. Now I don’t mean that as a bad thing, she was good in her role but there was something about her that was driving me nuts and I didn’t figure it out till after the film. She was one of the relative in Home Alone, I spent the whole freaking movie wondering where I saw her before.

The bad, well there is a few things. If you want a lot of blood than you may want to look somewhere else… just like if you want stupid humor like “Scary Movie” you need something other than this film. The biggest detractor of this film, other than most people not even knowing about it, is that it may not hold up enough for some people. The quality of the film is low budget and it fits with the storyline just fine but I can see some people complaining about it but it didn’t really bother me. Other than that I really don’t have much to say as far as negative go.

If you want a film with good humor, something that real horror films fans would understand than you should check this movie out. It is smart, well written and possibly one of my new favorite killers in the industry.

Grade A


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