The Haunting of Whaley House (2012)


Jose Prendes


Jose Prendes


Alex Arleo – Jake WIldman
Arielle Branchfeld – Vanessa Dane
Graham Denman – Craig Gavin
Stephanie Greco – Penny Abbot
Carolina Groppa – Giselle James
Lynn Lowry – Bethany Romero
Howard McNair – Keith Drummond
Jason Owsley – Ray Roundtree
Jon Briddell – Officer Downs
Leigh Davis – Psychic Tourist
Jon Kondelik – Casey Martin
Maria Olsen – Anna Whaley

These people are stupid. Right away in this movie we get to learn that this house is freaking haunted and the cast knows it. If it was me, there is no way that I would be entering that house but sadly I know people who would anyways. A woman who is a tour guide for the Whaley House allows her friends to enter the building at night (something she is not allowed to do) and they het locked in there with some very angry ghosts.

Now there were three rules given to the Penny during the film and they made perfect sense to me. The first was not to enter the house during the night because that was the ghosts time. Second one was basically don’t bother then because they will not like it. And the last one which is pretty obvious is don’t’t damage the house because it will piss off the ghosts. I would have no problem with this list and I totally get that the ghosts don’t want to be called forth and bothered, I enjoy my personal time as much as they do I guess.

The cast for this is a real mixed bag and to be frank most of them aren’t very intelligent. Now this is coming from a guy who thinks the drink trash monkeys could make for a fun night so take that with a grain of salt… some people may enjoy a night in a housed house for the experience of it. I have already mentioned Penny played from Stephanie Greco who for some reason did not get top billing on IMDB. Instead of her we get Alex Arleo who played Jake in this movie, a reasonable guy but ended up being fairly forgettable in this one. The men who stood out in this one weren’t for the best reasons. Graham Denman played who was a dick the whole movie. Nothing that character did made any sense and it felt like the actor knew it because it was not a inspiring job. The worst was Jason Owsley… oh man he had one of the worst monologue in any horror movie I have seen this year.

Now my favorite was Arielle Branchfeld, she had a small role in the Axeman film I watched not that long ago but she played a interesting character. Now they showed this in the trailer but they do an awesome job of her look when she is possessed by one of the ghosts, she gets this look on her face which is a stark contrast from the generally happy woman you get to know throughout the rest of the film. Over all thought, for all the actors it was alright. Few highlights were ruined by some people who were out of their league.

Suprisingly the makeup in this movie was very well done. They had a huge list of things they had to do in order to make sure this movie would look right. They had the different whole make ups, self mutilation, hangings with lacerations, gunshots as well as a bunch of other little things. At one point Branchfeld’s character gets grabbed by a ghost and apparently it damaged the skin, in some way it burned her and it looked great. Because the effects looked right the deaths actually looked good as well. Some of them weren’t written the best but they still looked good which is far better than I expected.

The end was a big of a surprise to me, not the actual events but how they did it. For once I will not complain about this ending because I felt like it was well done, the events were justified, and was acted with some skill. I liked it… as much as that surprises me.

The effects were good, it had some decent actresses in this one but over all I felt like this movie wasn’t all that great. Some of the actors/characters were horrendous and should have been recast or rewritten. The biggest problem with the movie is that it took place in the first place, why would you invite something like this on yourself and your friends? Oh, and for those who are pissed they didn’t film in the real Whaley House and have condemned the movie just for that. You are dumb, they couldn’t afford to shoot there and the building wasn’t big enough for all of the equipment. Get over it.

Grade C

Grade C


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