Trailers and Teasers: See No Evil 2, House of Manson and Alone in the Dark

Honestly, I’m pissed. That shouldn’t be a surprise to that many people who actually know me in real life but I am quickly getting irritated at the state of movie trailers/teasers/slips that are being posted online. The point of these are to create a buzz for you movie, to make people want to pay money to see it and that seems to be a lost art.

Now i cant find the clip on youtube but here is the first clip they are showing for See No Evil 2 but it can be found here. What the hell is this? how does one of my favorite scream queens like a dumb whore with necrophiliac tendencies suppose to sell me on the movie? I was excited for this movie but if I want juvenile crap I’ll just watch the guys at my dorm.

Now I know not everyone who is into horror movies is into video games but I am. I love horror games and wish that more of them got main stream success. The new Alone in the Dark teaser though looks like crap.

This went from being a game with a very distint personality… this teaser doesn’t show any of it. Does AitD need to be in first person?

The last thing I want to talk about is the biopic House of Manson. This was something I was not all that excited for but once I watched the trailer that changed. I don;t know the reason why but these people were able to do it right when they have a very limited budget for their film but bigger studios seem to constantly mess this up.

Am I wrong? if I am I would love to have someone explain to me why I am.


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