August’s Horror Block Unboxing

It’s my favorite time of the month, I walk up my stairs to my apartment and sitting in front of my door is my Horror Block. With the last two boxes being so awesome I could hardly wait to open this up and see what this month had in store. I held off on opening right away because I had stupid grown up things to do like doing school work. I knew as soon as I opened the box I would have to play with everything and do this review.20140902_215501

So the first thing that was sitting on top of the box was a Cult Classics Hall of Fame – Saw figure Jigsaw Killer with puppet and tricycle. The figure is finely detailed and has points of articulation to allow for adjusted posing. The Jigsaw Killer is almost 7 inches tall and the puppet without the tricycle stands about 3.75 inches.  I felt that with this sitting right on top that the rest of the box was going to not disappoint. 20140902_215446

Sitting directly below the Saw figure was the monthly shirt, an alien themed shirt with a xenomorph crouched in a tunnel. The design is great and I personally felt that this shirt was an apology for the weak pick of the alien pins last month.  Under the shirt sat what is probably my most favorite part of this month’s block, a number 3 issue of Tales from the Crypt by Entertaining Comics originally printed in 1991. I’m guessing that the issue itself is a reprint of the ‘91 issue. Tales from the Crypt has always had a special place in my twisted heart and the issue made me feel nostalgic.

The other two items that were added to the box are simple novelty items but still worked well with the box. The first item was a Zombie Premium Multi-Surface Decal by Fanwraps. The decal is 7’75” by 7.75”. it is exactly as the name states, a zombie face decal that can be placed on different surfaces. I might save it for a prank in the future where I would place it on one of the mirrors in my apartment at night to scare the girlfriend in the middle of the night.  The other item that was in the box was a black ballpoint pen that had a bone casing to it. There is nothing else that I could really say other than it writes fairly well.

And last but not least, was the monthly issue of Rue Morgue. As always, Rue Morgue brings its readers a plethora of horror information. To name some of what you would find in its pages would be different movies that are in or past production, macabre collectables, and music that might fill you with eerie delight, just to name some of what is covered.20140902_215344

Overall, I really enjoyed this month’s block and some of the individual items more so than others. Though the block was light an object, this does not sway me to complain in any way. This just allowed for some higher end collectables being in the block. I happily give this month’s block a 6/6 with the awesome content that really made me horror fandom so happy. If you are interested in picking up a Horror Block of your own you can go to and subscribe to the next month’s block for the decent price of 19.99 plus shipping. There is one thing that I would like to put out there that Horror Block Is based in Canada so shipping outside of Canada takes a bit longer. They ship usually on the 25th of every month so boxes for the U.S. usually take around 10 days to get where they are going, so be patient and you will get your block.


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