Kristy (2014)


Oliver Blackburn 


Anthony Jaswinski 


Ashley Greene – Violet 
Haley Bennett – Justine Wills 
Lucas Till – Aaron 
Chris Coy – Leader 
Matthew St. Patrick – Wayne
Jon Arthur – Swat Team Officer Hayes 
Corrina Roshea – Final Victim

Awhile I wrote about how I hoped that this movie would come out and draw some people to the film due to Ashley Greene was in it. Now she isn’t a huge star and some people seem to think she is a racist for some reason (I can’t figure out why) but still she was in Twilight and one of the better characters in it as well. Well it seems like my hopes were completely dashed because when this movie was released even I missed it by a few days.

The first thing I want to talk about was the name… I have no clue what the heck they were thinking because they went through three different names and none of them are very good. Random is one of the worst movie titles… try searching for a movie named that and see how you do. Satanic is an interesting title but it really isn’t something that fits the movie too well so that leaves “Kristy” which is alright… it at least fits the movie. I don’t know what kind of pressure they had on this movie but the fact that they couldn’t settle on a film name should say a lot about what was in store for me.

The story is fairly straight forward at first and it is something that I felt was pretty good. We have this girl who ends up staying at her college alone for Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately for her she managed to fit the profile that this cult like group looks for in victims. The leader of this group happens to be Ashley Greene and she looked awesome. The sad thing was that she could have been played by just about anyone because she really doesn’t have a huge amount of lines like I had hoped. She ens up working with several other killers trying to get Justine the main girl… who they keep calling Kristy.

This movie starts to fall apart for a few reasons. The first being as nice as the main character was, how her boyfriend seems to love her so much I really didn’t ever feel like she was in too much danger. Sure there are people who are dying right in front of her but the guys in the killers group seem to enjoy the hunt too much to actually kill her. When they do kill someone it honestly isn’t really impressive, when she kills one of them however it looks so much better. I don’t know how you screw that up, you have people who are suppose to be very good at killing because they have killed a bunch before. We even find out that it’s a nationwide killing ring later in the film but these guys suck. Her kills were good, we had some really quick thinking on her part and used some of her real life skills. I liked those at least

Acting was alright, none of the cast was special enough so that they couldn’t have been replaced. That isn’t something that should happen. If they wanted to make Ashley Greene stand out they failed in a spectacular fashion. She was the only killer who actually had a good look to them, the other people were wearing dumb masks made out of garbage. I’m not making that up either… nothing says scary killer than tin foil.

I liked the premise but I felt like they lost me by the end with the story, the acting wasn’t overly special but nothing that I felt was offensive. The fact that they didn’t get kills right really bothered me because that was the point of the movie. I like these kinds of films and most of them don’t need a lot of thought behind them to make them good but this just felt a little lazy.

Grade C

Grade C

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