Leprechaun: Origins (2014)


Zach Lipovsky


Harris Wilkinson


Stephanie Bennett – Sophie
Andrew Dunbar – Ben
Melissa Roxburgh – Jeni
Brendan Fletcher – David
Garry Chalk – Hamish
Teach Grant – Sean
Bruce Blain – Ian
Dylan Postl – Leprechaun

I was not much of a fan of the original series… I say that being that I haven’t really seen that many of them so my only reference is the first one. So we go from something that was meant to be quirky and amusing to this movie which is a complete departure from that with a creature that belongs in the decent.

So instead of this being set in an American setting we are actually back in Ireland for this one which was actually refreshing (I don’t think they actually filmed there but I haven’t looked that far into the movie) and the part that we get introduced to is actually pretty small and boring compared to the first movie. We get two couples, nothing about them stands out except that it seems like the main girl, Jeni, is a bit of a history buff while her boyfriend Ben is a dick. I really can’t say I was overly stoked about the characters in this; they could have made the characters more interesting or likeable in order to make me care just a little bit more about them but they didn’t.

The two couples end up being tricked into staying out in the wilderness where they end up being stalked and killed by the Leprechaun. This is NOT the one we grew up with, I didn’t expect it to be a character like Warwick Davis portrayed but this was not what I wanted it at all. Instead of it even looking like a Leprechaun at all it instead of looked like a generic monster. Like if you were to take the look of the creatures in the Descent, made them look cheaper and then shrunk them than you would have this movie. U really have no clue why they did that… it was produced by WWE and they were all excited that Hornswaggle was playing the titular monster but that was a completely waste of time.

This movie ended up with a theatrical release and I have no idea why. It looked and felt like it belonged on SyFy. I don’t really know how to explain it best other than it felt very budget and not in a good way… the effects were fairly poor with some notable exceptions and the directing and writing just felt a bit weak. I wish that they were able to pull off something just a little bit better. About 50 minutes into the film I was watching my clock trying to figure out how much of this was left.

Ther were some good gore spots in this one surprisingly. The most uncomfortable scene involves a tongue ring being pulled out… but I spent the whole time thinking on who wears a gold tongue ring? There is the typical cuts and scratches, one character gets their leg mangled but nothing over the top. The best kills mostly looked good because of the camera tricks involved but they worked really well. We get a spine removal and a axe to the face. Nothing new or original but it was better than the rest of the mediocre kills and scenes.

What really ruins this film is the fact that they had the chance to make something good and instead they were happy doing something ordinary. The creature look kind of sucked (would have worked fine in another film), only two of the kills were good and the rest were just kind of “meh”, the line used by the final girl at the end sucked. I know why they used it and they shouldn’t have. It would have been lame in the 90’s and it was lame now.

Sorry but avoid this one unless you are a particular fan of the actors or something. This movie will hopefully be forgotten soon. The bottom line is that all the old marketing for this movie was a complete lie and what we got instead was garbage.

Grade F


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